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Story about a kidnapping of a girl with a passion for the color pink
Sophie Woods was peculiar.
She was the type of girl who wanted to live in a pink house.
She loved everything pink, and that reminded her of princesses. She always had something pink in her outfit. She was kind to everybody and always had a smile on her face.
She was a good friend and a good student.
Everybody loved her.

One day, Sophie went missing.
The last time she was seen, she was returning home after she passed the afternoon at her best friend Agatha's house.
Everyone in town helped in the search. Nothing was found. There were a couple of suspects, but there was nothing that linked them to Sophie's disappearance.

The Sophie Woods case remained open for years.
Few leads arrived, and often they led to nothing.
Then, she was found. She was in a house in Boston. She was 19 and had lived with her kidnapper since she was 12. They had children: a five-year-old daughter, a three-year-old son, and a one-year-old son. They found her because a mistake was made by her kidnapper, who took her outside his apartment building while one of Sophie's friends was in Boston. She had changed over the years, but her eyes were still of that beautiful sky blue, and her hair was black as a raven's wing. She also had gained weight during the years, but she was still beautiful. She had problems adjusting herself again at her home. She said her kidnapper was a good man who loved her children.

Sophie refused to give up on adopting her children. "They are my children. I want them to live with me." she said when someone asked if she thought to give them up for adoption.

Sophie never testified in the trial against her kidnapper. She took her high school diploma and moved to New York, where she started to work as a model. She also published a book about her experience.

With her money, she bought a nice pink house in a New York suburb. After all, she was the type of girl who wanted to live in a pink house.

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