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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2279973
Viva to the versatile letter 'v' twenty-second in the alphabet.
         "Hi there lovely lady. Your name must be vivacious, am I right?"
         The young woman strolling around the brightly-lit showroom paused and tilted her head as if considering a reply.
         "Excuse me?"
         "Your name tag, I spied it from across the way. V-i-v."
         With a curt nod she acknowledged the chubby, balding man buttoning his shiny suit jacket as he approached her with an outstretched hand. She ignored his overture.
         "My name is actually Vivian."
         "Well colour me tickled, Vivvy. may i call you Vivvy?"
         Vivian pursed her lips. This salesman's shtick niggled at her. The word overachiever came to mind. He tried too hard to make a connection. Had he chosen to ignore her preference? Did he know what century it was? Did she look like an impressionable girl? Whoo-ee kids back in the day would've had a field day with 'Vivvy.' Vivvy olive-y. V-v-v vivvy. Vee, vie, vo, vum, Vivvy's name is oh so dum.
         "What brought you in today little lady to grace me with your presence? Are you in the market for a new set of wheels?"
         Vivian cringed and resisted the overwhelming urge to roll her eyes. The 'young lady' in her wanted to pretend to puke.. She almost stuck her finger in her mouth and fake gagged. This vivid impulse startled her.
         'Little lady?' Come on who was he kidding? Little? Had she ever been little? Younger sure, but small? She towered over this man shifting from foot to foot before her. The beads of perspiration glistening on his white scalp could not be described as little. She could almost hear the gears whirring in his brain.
         Always hoping to close a deal the salesman sought to revive his sales pitch. He liked to keep the lines of communication open so to speak. And he would speak. Words never failed him.
         "Cat's got your tongue miss? I like me a female with the gift of gab. You all sure can do that. I'm all ears."
         Hearing this Vivian smirked. He sure did waggle those prominent ears. Gab? More like blab.
         "You'd sure look swell behind the wheel of a Volvo if you don't mind me saying. It's destiny dontcha think? Vivvy in a Volvo."
          Vivian swallowed a retort.
         "I'm seeing you in a cute pink roadster. It;s popular with you and your sisters am I right? Trust me. There's two things I know, cars and buyers of the female persuasion. What do I have to do to fit you into a new vehicle?"
         Vivian clenched her teeth and counted to ten.
         "I can see I got you thinking. You're not the first to find me irresistible Vivvy, How about it? Are you biting?"
         Vivian Savvy straightened her name tag and her shoulders.
         "As I've already informed you my name is Vivian. Head office sent me to conduct a surprise spot check. Are you sputtering? Is that rope I let you play with tightening around your neck? Am I gabbing too much? V-i-c, Vic, is that correct? Not short for victorious I suppose. Do you mind if I call you Vicky? Why Vicky you look sick."
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