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A hiding place can end up being the start of something new.
It has been about a month since I arrived in Hemlock Grove. My hunts with Olivia Godfrey were once a week, which was the only time I was ever grown back to full size. At the end of each hunt, I would be shrunk down like the first time and later separated in the same manner as before. This time instead of getting a bath right away, we would celebrate our success by her allowing me to pleasure her, which was pleasing to both of us. It became our routine.

One day midweek, Tuesday I believe it was, I was caught off guard by a unannounced guest. While Olivia was taking a bath late that evening, I stayed sitting against her pillow. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a man's voice calling for Olivia as he was walking up the stairs. Panicked, I got up and started looking for somewhere to hide. Running up to the edge of the bed, I saw below her black pumps. Well, I thought, definitely won't find me in there.

Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, I started to scale down the comforter that hovered just about the opening of her right pump. As quick as I was, I was not faster than he was. He door opened to reveal Olivia's brother-in-law, Norman. Thankful that he was far enough away to not see me, but that wouldn't last if he came any closer. Looking down, I noticed I wasn't too far from the her heel so I simply just let go.

I gasped as I fell, landing on the insole at the top and half slid but mostly rolled all the way to the bottom. Slinking deeper into the shadow all the way to the toe section, I was only then able to breathe a little better. Now there's no way he can see me. My heart beat faster as Olivia finally answered his calling her name again. It surprised me to hear her voice almost right above me. She had got out of the bath to see what he wanted to talk about.

My head filled with the beating of my heart blocked a lot of the conversation. I only caught pieces of it. Something about the white tower and a project he just heard about. "You know as much as I do what goes on there, Norman," she told him. The light far above the mouth of the pump was soon eclipsed by what I was hoping wouldn't happen. Olivia was putting her foot inside. Faster than I could comprehend, her toes rapidly approached me before knocking me flat on my back. My body shifted sideways until I was laying underneath her second and third toe.

There was a great pressure when Olivia put her full weight down onto her right foot to put on the other pump. She flexed her toes a few times, and then settled them on top of me. When she swung her foot around to take her first step, it felt like I was in one of those amusement park rides that took you thought a dark tunnel, unable to see anything but you knew you were moving. Olivia's toes held me down while she walked a few steps, not allowing me any freedom to move. I was getting motion sickness with all this up and down motion, then the slamming of the toe of the pump into the floor. It was brutal. If her toes weren't pinning me down, I'm sure severe injuries would have occurred.

A few more muffled words were exchanged including frustrations and disagreements, then silence. Maybe he left, I thought. Listening as best as I could between each step, each pause, I could barely make out Olivia calling for me, "Melissa darling, you may come out of hiding. It was good of you to. I do not want Norman to know about your accomodations." With one final struggle, I was able to free my arms. I pushed up on the bottom of her toe in different locations, desperately trying to let her know I was down here. After a couple more tries, Olivia flexed her toes again, this time I was able to shift myself so that I could somewhat stand in between them.

When I got to my feet, I pushed on the side of her second toe as hard as I could in a pulsing pattern. Olivia reacted by wiggling her toes. I pushed again, she wiggled a reply. Then I heard her say, "There's my little one. Just when I think I have you all figured out, you find ways to introduce a new side of you." Olivia took several steps before stopping to tell me, "Hang tight darling, I have some business to attend to with Dr. Pryce. Shouldn't be long."

When the walking started up again, I could tell her steps were more with ease, even as she made her way down the stairs. The heat inside the pump began rising almost right away, but thankfully it never got too unbearable. On occasion Olivia would flex her toes, enabling me to reposition myself. My thoughts kept me entertained with ideas of what I could do while I was inside here. Not sure how she would react to anything I do was all that kept me at my hesitation. But alas, boredom and pure curiosity overtook me.

Moving my hands around her toe, I proceeded my attempts to massage it. Every time Olivia would flex, I'd move locations and continue at a new spot. I was so into what I was doing, I couldn't help but think that way above me was this woman, this giantess and goddess who deserves someone to worship her. I took it upon myself to be that person. With every massage, I started with a round of kissing each toe in several places.

Whatever business Olivia had going on, I never heard any of it. My mind was fully occupied with what I was doing. I didn't even notice much when she was walking, so it came to a huge surprise to me when her foot began to back away. I watched as her toes left through the opening, leaving me sweaty in the depths of the pump. But that too was soon changing when I felt it lift up a great distance before tilting it toward its back. I took that as an invitation to make my exit.

Sliding toward the light, I was greeted by Olivia's hand as I was dumped out into it. I looked up to see her looking at me in amusement. I smiled at her, "That was some ride." "I'd say. I haven't the foggiest idea of what brought you into such actions. Though I will tell you it wasn't exactly unpleasant, never have I had anyone who wanted to give my feet so much attention."

My heart started pounding, but even in fear I still was able to tell her how I saw her, "You are a goddess to me, Olivia. My opinion is that everyone should be worshipping the very ground you walk on." Her eyes smiled as her finger stroked the side of my head, "Why can't everyone be as sweet as you? I may never let you go." She then lifted me up to her mouth and kissed me on the top of my head. "Now darling, let's get you into a bath. You smell like sweaty feet. Then I'll let you have your fun tonight. I do believe my body is desiring for a little touch that knows all the right places."
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