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A great morning for a drink
The next morning, both Olivia and I woke up refreshed. I myself was a little sore from the workout I had giving her the best time I could. She rolled over to face me and smiled, "Good morning my sweet, little darling. How did you sleep?" I stretched as she propped her head up on her hand, waiting for my response. My heart fluttered every time I look at her, "Very well. And you?" Olivia plopped her head back onto her pillow with glee, "I slept spectacularly! Believably the best in ages."

Turning her head back toward me, she never lost that smile, "What do you say to a morning drink? There's a new wine bottle I've been meaning to try. Would mean a great deal if you were to accompany me and share this new taste." I sat up so that I could face toward her, "I would love to." "Splendid!" Olivia herself sat up to get out of bed, but before she did, she lowered her hand for me to climb on, and I did so with haste.

Olivia's hand was so warm against my skin while she carried me downstairs. It used to feel weird but I've grown accustomed to it. The only time I ever wore clothes was on hunting day, which was the only day I was grown back to normal height. My nerves still on occasion get rattled by being small, but that's only due to me being in the shadow of this beautiful goddess. Not sure I'll ever get over it, or if I even want to. That type of fear is more out of my respect for her. She can do anything to me and I would deem it acceptable.

The world rushed by at a pretty quick pace and yet the gentleness never wavered. I didn't feel any fear of being dropped at any time. When Olivia got to the kitchen, she right away pulled out the bottle from the cabinet as well as a wine glass from the neighboring door. Setting it down, she made me slide off onto the counter so she could open the bottle. Would've been kind of hard to pop a cork with one hand, which was extra loud to me. I jumped at the sudden popping sound, but then relaxed while watching the dark liquid fill the glass a little over halfway.

Looking down at me, Olivia asked, "Are you ready my love?" Walking toward the glass's base, I said, "I am, but not sure how I'm supposed to drink it from down here." She half rolled her eyes, "You still little thing, you can't drink it from there." With that said, she reach with her fingers to lift me up, hovering me over her glass of wine, "But you can drink it from here." I gulped seeing my feet hanging over the dark red liquid, "You mean..." "Yes darling," Olivia answered my question before I even asked it. "You're going to enjoy it, I'm sure. Just don't drink too much. You could hurt your tiny little belly. But do please have all you can."

Without another word, Olivia opened her fingers, allowing me to fall into the pool of red wine. I landed with a small splash, submerging for mere seconds before coming back up to the surface. I could see up above me that Olivia was watching what I would do. I took a couple breaths and decided to slurp up some wine, then lay to float on my back. She smiled, "Just for a short while, my little one. And then we may carry on the day with whatever may come to us." The glass was then lifted up toward her mouth, the wine stayed level while Olivia tipped the glass to her lips. My heart raced out of excitement. I knew I would be safe.

Her lips barely parted to suck in a stream of this sweet savoring wine. And as she lowered the glass, she closed her eyes, "This wine is delightful." Looking back down at me, she asked, "What do you think?" Swallowing another mouthful, I said to her, "I love it!" In agreeance, Olivia took another sip. This went on for about another 2 glasses, both of us drinking up the wine. On the last glassfull, my feet were almost touching the bottom of the glass when Olivia spoke, "I do believe we've had enough darling. We will finish this up and perhaps have more later."

In the distance, I heard the door open. Olivia set the glass down on the kitchen table and walked toward the front door. Norman's voice echoes in the distance, followed by Olivia responding to his unexpected arrival. Soon I saw him walk into the kitchen with her right behind him. I was scared he would see me, and yet there was no where for me to hide. Well, except one place. Taking a deep breath, I ducked under the surface. I had to keep my eyes closed because the wine made them sting. But even then I could still sense someone standing over the glass.

Not being able to hold it any long, I tilted my face upward so that only my face was exposed. When I looked up, I saw the back of Olivia. She has placed herself between the glass and Norman so that she could block his view from possibly seeing me. That gave me relief but still thought it best to stay under the way I am. With my ears underneath, their conversation was muffled. I was too focused on trying to hide anyway to worry about what they were saying.

Olivia put her hands on his shoulders and proceeded to guide him to the doorway, taking a quick glance back at her glass. Within seconds they were out of sight. I simply just half floated, half sank. Never moving my head from where it stuck up from the top. What started out as a fear maneuver, turned into a relaxing pose. So relaxed that I barely noticed Olivia returning until the glass shifted into the air.

Startled, my eyes quickly shot open, bringing my head out of the wine as I gasped in surprise. My nerves settled as I saw her looking down in relief. "Very clever hiding. I myself barely noticed you," Olivia told me. "Good time to get you out and then perhaps, if you would like to, join me for a bath?" That was the first time she's ever asked me that. As always though, whatever my goddess wanted, my goddess got. "Anything you do, I would be most happy to do alongside."

Olivia was able to bring her long, slender fingers deep into the glass to fish me out. Holding me between them, she down the last bit of wine remaining at the bottom and then placed the glass in the sink. Bringing me up to her face, there were no words spoken before I watched her tongue come out. It was hard to catch my breath the moment the pink muscle touched my legs. I could feel her taste buds against my bare skin.

Olivia snaked her tongue slowly up my body, making sure the tip of it found it's place between my legs. My body quivered with excitement. It then proceeded across my chest, finishing it's ascent passed my face. When she pulled back, her tongue retracted and kept her eyes closed for a minute. I could tell Olivia was thinking about how I just tasted to her. When her eyes opened, I saw the familiar lust that was visible back around the first hunt. She was hungry.

A smile slinked acrossed her mouth, "You taste simply divine, much better than anyone else. It's a very good thing I've grown to enjoy your company and all you do for me, otherwise I would eat you right up." I think my heart stopped. So every hunting day, there may be a very slim chance that she could actually eat me? Shifting her fingers, Olivia twirled me around so that I was facing away from her. My insides jumped in fear when I felt the familiarity of her tongue slowly ride all the way up my back.

Flipping me back around, I caught her in the same pose as before. She was literally savoring my taste. That smile came back, almost scaring me, "Such an exquisite taste. There will be none other like you." Gulping hard, chosing my words carefully but yet stay expressive for my personal feelings about this, "I would be scared, terrified actually. But your happiness is mine. If you ever decide to, I would graciously like to be yours. Both outside, and in."

The expression on her face changed from longing to caring as she said, "And that right there darling, is why I could never. No one has ever said such kind words to me as the ones you have spoken. There is no possible way I could ever let you go." I looked up into Olivia's eyes and smiled, "You can say it if you want to. I've already been accepting it." She must have great mind reading abilities because the next words out of her mouth were exactly what I was thinking. Bringing her other finger to brush the side of my head, I reached over and laid my hand on it as she spoke my heart's desire, "My little darling, you belong to me."
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