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With some individuals, it’s hard to make them tell the truth. I’m not one of them.

The Leader of Javin

     “Please, stop trying to kill me like this. You don’t need to do it this way,” I said as I started screaming again at what they were doing to me.

     My whole body was shaking and shivering uncontrollably. The only thing stopping me from flying all around that room out of control was the thin metal lines connecting me to a chair. A chair that was in the center of a large room with huge electrical machines all around the edge of it.

     The shaking and shivering didn’t last very long. About a minute or two before it suddenly stopped. It took me another few minutes to recover from it. If what I call recover is the right word. After all, I didn’t recover from it completely. Each time that had happened, it had taken me longer to calm down from it.

     I’m not sure how long I had been there. I think I had been there at least a couple of weeks. But I started losing my thoughts about it around a week after they brought me here. That was when I started shaking and shivering all over. It had happened before that. As soon as they brought me here, it started.

     I know my thoughts above are a little bit confusing. One thought I was thinking the shaking and shivering started after I got there. And the next thought it had already begun before then. I got somewhat confused a lot because of what was happening to me there.

     The weirdest part about all that was what they were doing to me. Making me shake and shiver as often as they could do it. I’m not sure how many times that they have tried to kill me like that. But I know it had been at least a hundred times.

     That wasn’t the weirdest part, though. It was that so far, that was all that they were doing to me. Just making me shake and shiver. They hadn’t asked me any questions. And the only one I had seen is the Javin that had been doing this to me.

     I know there is at least one other Javin watching me from another room. Didn’t know how many there were of them. And what they wanted from me. I tried to look where I had been thinking they were. But my bruised, battered, bloody face made the pain from what they had been doing to me hard for me to do that.

     After I tried several times, I gave up trying to do it. Now I just stared straight ahead of me. Waiting for the next round of shaking and shivering to begun. I didn’t need to wait too much longer before the Javin tried to kill me again. Only that time was a very bad one. One that I might not survive.

     “Why are you doing this to me? What do I need to do or say to stop you from doing it?” I asked gibberishly.


     Suddenly, the lights in that room came on. I started to blink my eyes rapidly to adjust to the new lighting. There had been some lighting in there from the time that I had gotten there. But it was barely enough to see myself and where I was at.

     Some light came from the line of windows surrounding that room high above me. But what little light came through them didn’t come close to reaching me. The only thing it did for me was help me kept track of about how many days I had been there.

     Slowly, I started looking around that room as best as I could under the circumstances. I stopped doing it when a small part of one of the side walls lighted up to reveal a male Javin in another room walking toward the end of room. I squinted my eyes almost close to see it was a male looking down at me.

     His voice echoed all around me as he started speaking. “What I want you to do is tell me what you have done with the Metal Masterpiece you have taken. And I think you are about ready to tell me what I want to know.”

     “No, I’m not because I don’t know what you are talking about.” I could barely hear myself as I spoke.

     “Speak up. I can’t hear you. What are you trying to say to me?”

     I spoke up. But my words were still unrecognizable most of the time. And garbled all of it. “What are you talking about? I haven’t done anything to any Metal Masterpiece.”

     "Everyone on Javin knows that you have taken The First Leader of Javin,” said the male Javin that I later overheard as being Payvon. I overheard that when Dellion, the male Javin in the other room, responded to what Payvon just said.

     “The First Leader of Javin. I didn’t take that. Because everyone know it was the Private Protector protecting it who has taken it.”

     Payvon was about to cause me some more shaking and shivering to me. He was walking toward me with what he had been using to make me shake and shiver. “Dellion and I both know that it’s you who really done it. You just used your ability to become that Private Protector to make it look like he had done it.”

     “I’m here to make you admit to what you have done,” continued Payvon. “And from what I have been seeing lately, you are about to admit to whatever I want you to admit to.”

     “There is nothing for me to admit to,” I said. “Because I haven’t done anything. And there is nothing you can do to me to make me admit to something that I haven’t done.”

     Payvon started making me shake and shiver again. Only that time it was a lot harder on me. “We know you won’t ever admit to anything. That isn’t why we are doing this to you.”


     The lights in the other room where Dellion was in suddenly went off. A few minutes later Dellion walked into where I was. I could barely look in his direction after my last time with Payvon. “Payvon is right. We know you will never admit to taking The Leader of Javin.”

     “Then, why am I here?” I asked. “Why are you doing this to me?”

     “Still can’t understand what you are saying,” said Dellion. “What did you just say?”

     Payvon looked up from putting away what he had been using against me at Dellion. “She asked you why she is here and why you are doing this to her.”

     “How do you do that?” Dellion asked.

     “Do what?” Payvon asked. “Oh, you’re talking about what Gallanta has been saying. After helping individuals like yourself for as many times as I have, I learned how to hear what can’t be heard by individuals like you.”

     I had been trying to respond to what Dellion and Payvon had been saying to each other. But because of what they had been doing to me, I still couldn’t hear and understand what they were saying. “What are you talking about? Are you answering my questions about why I’m here.”

     Dellion looked at Payvon. Who told him what I had just said. “Look at her. She is barely there. Barely alive. Isn’t there something you can give her so we can all understand each other.”

     “There are several things that I can use,” said Payvon. “But if I use any of them, we may not get what we want from her. At least not without her admitting to what she has done. And we both know she will never do that.”

     “Don’t want that to happen,” said Dellion. “But if that does happen, we will find another way to get her to admit to what she has done.”

     Payvon went over to what he had been using against me. And finally selected a small flat round open circle. He put that on my neck. It instantly disappeared into my skin. A few seconds later, I open my eyes wide, and I sat up in the chair I’m in. “Can she hear me now?” Dellion asked.

     My voice was a little bit garbled. But she could still use it. “I can hear you. Can you hear me?”

     Dellion smiled. “Yes, I can too. Now we can get you to admit to what you have done.”

     “That isn’t going to happen,” I said. “And there is nothing you can do about it.”

     “We know you won’t admit to doing it physically,” said Dellion. “But that is why Payvon is here. The only way for you to admit it is for you to become that Private Protector again. You have already done it several times in the last couple of weeks. But you haven’t him yet.”

     Suddenly, I changed into a male. But he wasn’t that Private Protector. “Better luck next time.”


     “How many units has Dellion given you for you to do this for me?” I asked Payvon. “Whatever it is, I can give you twice as many. If not a lot more than that.”

     It had been another two weeks of Dellion and Payvon trying to get me to change into the Private Protector who had taken The Leader of Javin. I had changed into a lot of different individuals. And most of them had been males. But none of them had been this Protector.

     I preferred to change into males instead of females. Why did I prefer them? It was because it was easier to do. Males didn’t remember me. But most females can. I didn’t know why it happened like that. It always had, though. Maybe someday I will find out why I prefer males over females.

     Every time Payvon tried getting her to admit to taking The Leader of Javin I changed into someone else from my recent past. I had been on the planet of Javin for about six months now. And I had taken quite a few things. Most of them had been males. But there had been a few females too.

     The last couple of times I came close to changing into that Private Protector. It was only my centuries of being able to change that stopped me from doing it. I came as close to him both times. But not quite the same. Enough of a difference that Dellion and Payvon didn’t recognize me.

     I was getting tired of all those I had changed into. And I thought it was about time I did something about it. Not sure what I was going to do. But I was going to do something. After I thought about it for a while, I came up with a way to stop any more changings from happening.

     For the past week, I had been feeling a lot better. But I didn’t let Dellion and Payvon know it. I didn’t know at the time, but I could use it to help me stop those changings for happening anymore. All I needed to do now was wait until Payvon tried to make me admit to what I have done.

     Dellion had been helping Payvon for the last couple of weeks. That didn’t bother me. I preferred both to be there when I stopped them from trying to make me admit to anything I hadn’t done. At least I hadn’t that time. When they began to approach me, I fought back.

     My hands and feet weren’t connected to the chair I was in after all. Once Payvon and Dellion got close enough to me, I used them to make them take my place in that chair. Within only a few minutes, I was ready to give them what they had been giving me.

     “Now it’s your turn,” I said. “Only I’m not going to be as nice about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you both ended up dead after I get finished with you.”

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