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here is what the world House of Geb/Panga
1) What do your societies believe?

(2) In what practices do they engage?
see question 1

(3) What laws or rules of society are in place?
Heka-Force of Re;

1. Elements- Earth, Water, fire, air, spirit

1.a- generative magic creates and helps

1.b- destructive- destroy and decay

2. Sympathetic Heka that hurts one Ka is outlawed

3 . Apotroaic is used for protction

4. life-saving/life-giving (healing)is used by priests and midwives/priestesses' (assigned den mother-Merneith)

5. Funerary used by priests as they guide souls into life and into the gods' hands

Society laws-
must attend the temple once a week at least
bow when the gods present themselves
mortals don't ask a god of their business

god to mortal laws-
Temple cleaning daily
temples also count as an orphanage
all humans are equal
Be true to your god

(4) Who/what enforces the laws and rules and how successful are they?
Gods and pharaohs rule the people

(5) What technologies are in use?
the early stage uses Heka then they move up to modern using Heka gems future Heka tech

(6) How does the setting impact your protagonist(s) in their pre-story lives?
All five yins raised the people after Atum created them and they keep the teachings of Their lands

(7) How does the setting impact the plot of your story?
all beliefs stem from here and expand thru the universe


Irregular styles for every teacher

a god-hating cult of Nu/iseft run by Drakein

Founders- Survivers of Jerico

Priests- Elders of the group

warriors- shadow strikers
1. shields
2. spear
3. sword
4. arrows
5. assains


New members- cannon fodder

Age: since the fall of Jerico

Description: followers of Drakein and Isfet, operating in his shadow as he spreads destruction trying to call out his brother

Height/weight: depends on member
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