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A fairy story for children about my puppies Pebbles and Oakley (Oberon)
Once upon a time there was a westie puppy called Pebbles. Pebbles had a wobbly tooth. One day he was walking in the woodland when his tooth came out!

"Put your tooth near the enchanted tree and the doggy tooth fairy might leave you some treats," said Pebbles’s mummy.

Pebbles wasn’t sure he believed in doggy tooth fairies, but he left his tooth for the fairy and trotted off home to his comfy dog bed.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Pebbles's puppy tooth began to glow. A flutter of wings was heard and a little somebody appeared…

The next day Pebbles was walking through the woods when he spotted some of his favourite dog treats beneath the enchanted tree. He was astonished!

"Yum, yum." He began to eat the biscuits. "But who has opened the packet and eaten half of them already?! The puppy tooth fairy must be real after all."

So Pebbles set out to find him.

The puppy tooth fairy was watching and thinking that Pebbles looked fun to play with…

Pebbles searched high and low. At last he came to a big tree with a hollow beneath it like a little puppy kennel house. It even had a door and window. There was glitter twinkling on the ground and it smelled of sparkles and magic. Hidden in a crack in the tree were lots of puppy teeth.

"This must be where the tooth fairy lives, but where could he be?" Pebbles wondered.

Pebbles popped out of the front door to wait for the fairy. As Pebbles was sitting by the tree wondering where the fairy was, the fairy flew back into his treehouse through the back door.

He popped out of the front door and there was Pebbles.

"Hello, my name is Oberon and I am a doggy tooth fairy."

Oberon invited Pebbles to sit in his tree house and they planned some adventures.

"Let’s go tree climbing and see if we can spot any squirrels," said Oberon.

"I think I saw one up there," Pebbles said.

Pebbles and Oberon scrambled along a big fallen tree pretending they were pirates on a sailing ship.

"You should walk the plank," Captain Pebbles said to Oberon. "You ate half the puppy treats you left for me in return for my tooth."

Oberon looked at his tummy that was a plump as a Christmas pudding. "Sorry, I was very hungry."

“Speaking of which, it’s nearly my dinner time.” Pebbles looked at the darkening sky and wished he could stay out longer playing with Oberon.

“I hope I will see you again soon, I’ve had such fun,” Oberon said, licking Pebbles goodbye on the nose.

“Me too,” Pebbles said. This tail was wagging all the way home.

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