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A creation for Love and Compassion (still under construction)
At the edge of an ancient forest, stood a mighty oak. This oak was very old, and over the many years, had grown quit tall, taller than any of the other oak, and very majestic. The many birds, insects and living creatures of the forest, loved this mighty oak, so much so, they named Them, "Compassion". This was because compassion is exactly what was given through out Their life, to and for, all other living beings.

One winter a special seed had been dropped at the base of Compassion's trunk by one of the many visiting birds. Compassion gave it no notice, as dropped seeds always seemed to be surrounding Them at one time or another, but this seed felt different. They could feel it was special, and so paid more attention to it. The first month there seemed to be no life from this new seed. The second month, Compassion began to feel something wrapping itself around Their roots, and saw a tiny green shoot had begun growing from that very special seed. They carefully watched over this new seed as it grew. Now They were quite intrigued, no seed ever dropped before had ever grown into anything. By the third month, They began to notice this was a tiny plant, and it had grown quite a bit, sprouting many branches, lots of leaves. It continued to grow taller with each day. It wasn't long before red buds began emerging from the end of each of those new young branches. Compassion was so excited, for They had never been this close to another plant before, and could not wait to see what those red buds were going to be. Their excitement was not only for what was happening above ground, but also the activity below. As the new plant continued to grow taller, They could feel more and more roots wrapping, and becoming intertwined, with Their own.

As the roots from the new plant multiplied, Compassion felt a surprisingly deep comfort, They liked the feeling of those roots holding on tight. They watched as the plant continued growing incredibly fast, faster than any other plant They had ever seen before. By the fourth month, this new plant had grown up, and covered, half way up Their trunk, so much so, that Their trunk could no longer be seen.

Then one day, to Compassion's amazement, and surprise, something wonderful had began happening. Through Their roots, They had found a way to speak with this new plant. They learned the new plant's name was Love. Love told Compassion They had come from a family of rose named Black Baccara Love. A family considered very old, very rare, quite exotic, and especially beautiful. Love was one of only a few remaining roses of this type left in the world.

Within weeks those tiny rose buds opened up, each having soft velvety petals, with a deep burgundy color. Upon seeing these roses for the first time, Compassion could hardly believe such beauty existed. From that moment on, They did all They could to protect Love. When the deer tried to eat the newly formed, delicate leaves, Compassion would kindly ask them to leave. When aphids threatened to destroy the new buds, Compassion called for Their friends the ladybugs and praying mantis, to help clear them away. Love continued to grow, taller and taller still, wrapping Their self completely around, and throughout, Compassion's trunk, reaching all the way to the highest of Their branches. Love and Compassion were known throughout the lands as the tremendous oak wrapped in an exotic, and beautiful rose. They became known as the oak-rose tree.

A Gift

One of the many insects living throughout Compassion & Loves branches was an oak apple wasp. These tiny little wasps, so tiny, they were almost the size of a gnat, and had only a life span of two years. They would spend those two years living in the same oak tree in which they were born, too. The oak apple wasp's birth was also very unique, and like no other. The parent wasp would lay its egg into a dormant oak leaf bud, then, with the chemical reaction between the newly inserted egg, and the newly forming leaf, a phenomenon would begin. Slowly, a beige hard round ball, in the shape of a small apple, would start growing. When fully grown, it would end up looking like a small to medium sized apple, hence its name of oak apple gall. With time, the oak apple gall would change colors, becoming darker and darker, most often ending up being totally black. The oak apple gall itself consisted of a hard shell on the outside, and a light and airy substance on the inside. The larvae would grow at the core of the gall, and over many months, would grow into a full adult. Once fully developed, it would eat its way out of the gall, finally emerging through the tiniest of holes. The completion, and emergence of the adult wasp, would usually occur through the months from May to July. The wasp would fly out and begin the cycle once again.

Love and Compassion spent their time together speaking with one another of every possible topic imaginable. Each always intrigued with the other's thoughts. There was a deep affection growing for one another, one which had begun right from the beginning, and as time went on, only grew deeper. They were a beautiful site to behold, and their love for each other had not gone unnoticed by the many creatures around them. The oak apple wasps, having been the closest, had been watching this love with much admiration, especially the queen wasp. When it came time for this Queen of the oak apple wasp to lay her egg, she had an idea and gathered the other wasps, to share this idea. What she proposed was presenting a special gift to Love and Compassion, a gift which would end up being not only for Themselves, but also for the many other creatures in their ancient woods. All agreed, and so the queen began her quest.

First the Queen flew to one of Love's open roses and rolled in Their essence. She then gathered more essence from Compassion leaves, and on she went to gather more from a liquid amber tree, a rambutan tree, a ladybug, and finally, a monarch butterfly. Once done, she went onto one of Compassion's newly forming leaves, and inserted her egg. She then encased the precious larvae with all the essences she had previously gathered. When done, she flew down to the root base of Love and Compassion, and spoke her final words

“Dear Love and Compassion”, the Queen began, "You have given so selflessly, as well as generously, to all other life around you, you have always been true to your names. For this, we, the oak gall wasps, have decided to give you a special gift in return.” She then proceeded to tell them of what she had done, and of the egg she had just laid on one of Compassion's newly forming leafs.

Neither Love, or Compassion, could believe this wonderful news, and were moved by such a gift bestowed upon them. They both thanked the Queen profusely. When done speaking, the Queen, now at the end of her life, then burrowed into Their roots. They covered her with more tiny roots, and their she lay for her final resting place.

Love and Compassion searched for, and found the branch, then the leaf where the gifted egg lay. They each began to cover the little treasured gift with more leaves. Both keeping it as protected as possible. Their joy and anticipation could hardly be contained.

The Gift Arrives

Time passed and the expected day of the new arrival grew near. Excitement culminated throughout the community, for there was not one creature which did not hear the news of this precious gift. Knowing the approximate time of the gifts arrival, many had chosen to stay close by, all waiting for the special moment. Love and Compassion could see, from the time the egg had been laid, the gall had begun to slowly grow, and over time, had grown quite large. It had grown so large that it was no longer covered by the many leaves it had been covered with in the beginning. The larger it grew, the more it began to move. Birds, insects, and creatures of all types gathered closer each day, each hoping to get a glimpse of this gift. At last, after many months, on June 21rst, the day of Summer Solstice, the moment of arrival had come.

Suddenly, all who were present and watching, went quite. Suddenly there was complete silence. All watched in amazement and great anticipation as slowly, as each remaining leaf wrapped around the gifted creature, began to fall one by one. When the last leaf fell, a head covered with the many colors of red, pink and orange glittery rose buds, lifted up. There was an Ahhhh, heard throughout as they then watched arms of delicate little oak twigs, with hands of rambutans began stretching, reaching for the sky. A lovely girl. stood tall on her feet of liquid amber seeds, and legs of oak. More awes and oohs, were heard, for she was like no other being anyone had ever seen before. She very stunning.

Love and Compassion were entranced as they watched this elegant creature, stretch up her arms towards the skies. She stood quite tall, yet was a bit wobbly. She slowly opened her eyes, and her first sight was that of Love and Compassion. With wonder in her voice, and a smile, she spoke her first word, a simple word, “Hello”.

Compassion gently lifted the new arrival up onto one of Love's branches. With their leaves, they both embraced their new gift, and she them in return. Love spoke first, “Welcome to our wonderful world little one,we have been patiently waiting for you. I am Love and this is Compassion.”, as They pointed up. Many oak apple wasps were sitting on the surrounding branches. Love continued, “You were created by the Queen of the oak apple wasps, with the essence from both, Compassion and I, as well as, liquid amber, rambutan, ladybug, and a monarch butterfly. You are their gift to us, and, too, this world.” All of the oak apple wasps began fluttering around, each flying down to kiss the new arrival.

The new being giggled, as the kisses tickled, and then looking at the many creatures surrounding her, smiled. When she smiled, the love flowing from this new being could be felt radiating throughout the entire land.

“May we call you Rose, if you don't mind?” as Love looked at the new arrival, and then, too, Compassion. “What a beautiful name.”, They replied. And so it was that Rose had her name.

As time went on, many came to visit and play with Rose. She loved her new world, and everything about it. She was dearly loved by all. As she grew, she was known for being quite fearless. She learned to run, jump, and was unafraid of exploring the many wonders of her new world. The oak apple wasps could see how nice it might be for Rose to have companions similar to herself, and so they began to gather pollen or essence from the many surrounding flowers, trees and creatures. There were many different types of flowers, trees, birds, even other insects to gather from, and were busy collecting as many as possible. They would then find a new budding leaf on one of Compassion's branches, lay their eggs, cover each with whatever essence they had gathered, and wait for the new beings to be born sometime from May to July. Once born, Compassion, once again, would then set the new arrival on one of Love's flowers, and Love would then sometimes bestow a name on the new arrival. As with Rose's arrival, there were many of all other creatures there to greet the new beings. Each excited to welcome these beings into their new world. A ceremony would began after the naming, Rose would stand on Compassion's tallest branch, and tell the story of her own arrival, the reason why she came to be, and how the apple gall community was born.

It had all begun from Love and Compassion.
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