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Daily Flash Fiction - "where were you when the crime was committed"
Kim Ryan was nervous, her palms were sweating, her foot was involuntarily bouncing up and down. She squirmed, she fidgeted. She stared at the defending attorney closely as he sat at the table in front of her. All eyes were looking at her, especially Jimmy Dumas, the accused, and his twin brother, John the lawyer, their eyes were boring holes through her.

“Tell the court, again, what you saw, Ms. Ryan.” the DA asked her as he came to stand behind the prosecutor’s desk and looked up at her. Both bald heads at the defendant’s table were glistening under the harsh white lights in the courtroom and they stared at her.

She saw the slight shake of Jimmy's head, it was like a threat, but she answered anyway. “That man,” she pointed to Jimmy, sitting at the defendant’s table, “came into the room, used a knife and brutally stabbed my friend to death.” She answered sniffling and closed her eyes to keep the horrid scene out of her mind.

“Did you see him?” The DA questioned her.

“Uh, his reflection.” She stammered.

“Objection! Your honor, this witness doesn’t know who she saw.” John Dumas protested.

“Overruled.” The judge stated flatly.

“Exactly where were you when the crime was committed?” The DA asked.

“I was under the bed and I saw everything through the mirror over the dresser.” She replied.

“Everything?” The DA asked.

“Yes, including the tiny spider tattoo behind his left ear.” She stated.

The courtroom gasped.

“Objection! Your honor, my client doesn’t have a spider tattoo.” The defense attorney said.

“No, but you do”, she replied. “Bailiff take custody of Mr. John Dumas.

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