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Cramp - Roof over your head prompt
“What’s the street address?
Oh, my, it’s a dump, it’s a mess!

“We should look at a few more.”
“I like this one, look at the floors.

Oh, what’s that smell, something really stinks
I like the kitchen and that double sink.

Except for the odor, this one is nice
I like the location and I like the price.

When we move in, we’ll give it a fresh coat of paint
It’ll be comfortable, cozy, really homey and quaint.

We’ll get throw rugs and curtains and dishes to match
I’ll cook breakfast, dinner and bake cookies from scratch

We can put the couch along that wall
And a dining table here, but it has to be small.

I can’t wait to decorate, I’m getting in the groove.
I’m so excited, I can’t wait to move.”

“Calm down dear, our loan hasn’t even been approved.”
“I’m not worried, I have great credit, it will all go smooth.

First things first though, we have to find that smell
It stinks, it reeks, let's not dwell.

Sweep and mop and paint and clean
We’ll make this little home our biggest dream.”

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