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Magic Santa hat turns an office party into a
The annoying lyrics of a sable, a 54 convertible and a chimney reverberated through her brain, Darcy opened one eye and closed it again hearing Santa Baby on a continuous loop playing. She hated that song.

Where was she? Her head pounded, she opened both eyes and looked at the unfamiliar room. There were no presents under the tree as boxes and wrapping paper were scattered across the floor. She sat up and hit her head on what, a desk, daggers of pain shot through her head. A hangover? What on earth happened she wondered as she combed her fingers through her sticky hair, oh, the office Christmas party, she moaned as she crawled out from under the conference room table.

Darcy grabbed the table and struggled to steady herself, as the wave of nausea made her feel sick. She closed her eyes another moment and then opened them again after the queasiness subsided. She surveyed the room with half eaten plates of foods and empty cups littering the table and countertops. She looked at the lights, bulbs and garland used as decorations hanging lopsided and in disarray around the room and the upended poinsettias looking neglected and wilting on the floor. Her first instinct was to try and clean the room before anyone else saw it, but hearing the strange voices, she went into the hallway.

“Hey, hey Darcy…wild party last night and that Santa Claus stripper was the…hey wait, you’re here early, oh no…did you stay here the entire night?” the unfamiliar person asked her while looking her up and down.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Darcy asked with confusion.

“Uh, yea, I’m Liz, I’m the temp for Mr. Johnson, remember? I helped you plan the party.” She told her.

Darcy stared at her and didn’t remember anything or much about the party.

“Hey are you ok?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I think, I just don’t remember much.”

“Well I just remember you were kinda upset because the party was late getting started, but after the Magic Santa Hat game, you seemed to calm down and were having a fun time.”

Darcy thought for a minute and remembered the Magic Santa Hat game. The magic hat that contained copious amounts of the little airline bottles of alcohol, oh…ding, ding, ding…she remembered now, she was using the alcohol bottles to cool down the hot chocolate that was too hot.

“Tell me, did I do anything stupid?” Darcy inquired.

“No, not you, but Mr. Johnson joined the Santa Claus stripper and he might be in a bit of trouble.”

Darcy clenched her teeth and shook her head to get the image out of her mind as she recalled the obese man with the white beard and sock suspenders dancing on the table, “remind me not to volunteer to plan the party next year.” She said as she went to hunt for her shoes.

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