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A poem about a prince and his centaur teacher.

The most wise of all beasts was the centaur,
man and horse but in equal parts;
their leader, Hippolydon, was mentor
to the son of the king of Beaumards.

This prince, by name of Endennis,
grew strong in the care of his teacher,
too quick for those who would menace
the kingdoms of man and horse creatures.

And so, when the young man was grown,
with all knowledge and wit in his eyes,
from his father he inherited the throne
from his mentor the lead of the wise.

His reign was, strangely, not happy,
neither gold not glory did it yield;
the young king was a simple chappy
and played with the herd in the field.

Line count: 16
Rhymed abab
For Celebrating Centaurs Poetry Contest, December 2022
Prompt: Write a poem about centaurs.

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