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by Norman
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The Wonder Wheel's still turning.
I thought I’d take a day trip
back to where I grew up.
Oh, what’s that funny saying?
When Hector was a pup.

When I was just a young boy,
so many years ago,
we went to Coney Island,
a place you surely know.

While you may not have been there,
I’m sure you’ve heard the name.
Most people knew about it;
it had a certain fame.

We used to go to swim there
and walk the boardwalk, too.
I never rode the Cyclone,
something you still can do.

That Cyclone ride is scary
and I won’t take the chance.
I’m sure that you’d agree, too.
Just give it one quick glance.

The Wonder Wheel’s still turning
but Steeplechase is gone.
The Funny Place has closed down,
no horses to ride on.

But Nathan’s is still open,
with hot dogs and french fries.
We ate them by that boardwalk,
ignoring seagulls’ cries.

But nothing is the same now.
Well, what did I expect?
Good thing I have my memories
on which I can reflect.

Oh, everything’s so different
than it was way back then.
It's like that other saying:
you can’t go home again.

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