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by Norman
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The Brain sure is the smartest mouse.
I think that I can learn a lot
from watching my TV.
I only have to concentrate.
Now how hard can that be?

Oh, I’m not talking PBS
or even CNN.
I search for those old shows I loved
so I can watch again.

And lately I have found the show
that might teach me the most.
In fact, it might change everything.
And that is not a boast.

‘Cause on last Tuesday afternoon
when it was pouring rain,
I scanned the channels one by one,
found Pinky and The Brain.

It’s been a long, long time, of course,
since I have seen that show.
But it had been my favorite once,
so many years ago.

You may have watched it once or twice,
or were a fan like me.
And now that show is back again.
How lucky could I be?

So I sat down and watched with glee,
as happy as a clam.
A couch potato I’ve been called,
and yes, I guess I am.

But who could not be hypnotized?
This show gives me a thrill.
The Brain will try to rule the world,
some day I know he will.

Well, sure, there always is a snag,
some thing that goes awry.
I think The Brain will work it out;
I’m certain he will try.

The Brain sure is the smartest mouse.
He always has a plan.
If I could think like that mouse does
I’d be the smartest man.

That’s why I’m watching every show.
The Brain can teach me how.
So I might some day rule the world
and that day might be now.

And if I did control the world,
yes, if I did succeed,
then I’d have every thing I want
and every thing I need.

Hey, look around this crazy world
and tell me what you see.
You think I could do any worse?
I doubt it, nosiree.

But I don’t have the answers yet.
I’ll have to watch with care.
The Brain will come up with a plan.
This one will work, I swear.

But even if the plan does work,
unlikely as it seems,
I know I’ll never rule the world.
That’s only in my dreams.

Nah, I don't want to rule the world.
That thought is just insane.
‘Cause I’m too much like Pinky and
I’m nothing like The Brain.

And that’s okay, I’ll live with that.
But as I watch this show,
The Brain might be the one we need
to fix this world of woe.

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