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Punny Thanksgiving for writer's cramp

Thanksgiving Puny Situation writing com

Many years ago
I had a traditional Thanksgiving
With friends in Korea
My fellow teacher said
He knew how to cook a turkey
My wife who was in the army
Got the turkey and we invited friends
Turns out he lied, he had no clue
We cooked the bird with the giblets
Inside the stuffing
Took it out and told our Korean guests
That was “American Stamina” food
Turned out and found that the giblets
Were all gone
That was a puny situation
And a memorable Thanksgiving dinner

What kind of pitch shall we make today? Are you having a ball going to bat with your New Year's writing resolution? Or haven't you left first base, yet? What's the score? On to the contest. I'm game if you're game.

Write a story or poem featuring a puny situation.

Make one of the genres of Comedy.

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