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anxiety attacks at 0 dark hundred for writer's cramp

Insomnia Blues

39 words

O Dark hundred hours

04 a.m.

You can’t sleep
In a blue mood
You got the insomnia blues

Nothing works
You can’t sleep
You stare at the ceiling.

Your mind plays an endless tape
Of gloom, and doom
worries and fears all night long.

the latest dark SF series you saw
The latest scary headlines
endless possibilities play out.

the latest news of war
the latest news
about the stock market

the latest political chaos
the endless pandemic
Dancing across your mind’s internal eye.

What if I have COVID>
What if have Cancer?
What if I have big Alzheimer’s

What if the stock market wipes me out?
What if the North Koreans invade Seoul?
Where would we go to escape the invasion?

What if the zombie apocalypse starts?
What if, what if, what if……

6:30 a.m.

Until day-break
Blasts you awake
As the dawning sun
Fills the room.

You get up
Having had only two hours of sleep
That is the curse
Of the insomnia blues.

Note: O Dark hundred hours is a military/intel slang phrase that refers to the hours just before dawn between 2 am and 5 am when bad things happen in the night

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