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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2288956
Nobody else would even try.
He knew it was a bad idea
but that’s what made it fun.
Nobody else would even try.
He was the only one.

Somebody double-dared him to
and that is all it took.
It’s not the first time he was lured
and he would take the hook.

As all the others just stood by
he crept out on the ice.
He didn’t stop to hear their shouts
or heed their wise advice.

The ice was crackling all around.
It wasn’t very dense.
And as he crawled on hands and knees
his body became tense.

He knew that it was too late then.
He should have stayed on shore.
He crept for just an inch or two
and then a couple more.

Well, that was all it took, of course.
The ice cracked all around.
All of his friends back on the shore
could hear that dreadful sound.

But wait! He’s standing up right there!
He’d reached the other side.
He waved his hands above his head.
His face was filled with pride.

But then he looked back where he’d come
and saw that great big crack.
The ice would never hold him now.
So how would he get back?

Well, it was getting dark by then.
He had to get on home.
And as his friends waved their goodbyes,
he knew he was alone.

He’d have to turn back from the ice
and find some other way.
He set out walking with a grin.
He’d had some fun today.

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