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by Norman
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A poem that she would cherish
She pleaded and she begged me.
She asked me, “Pretty please?”
She said with just a little time
I’d do the task with ease.

A poem is what she wanted,
that only I could write.
A poem that she would cherish dear
and fill her with delight.

A love poem for her only,
one written from my heart.
For that is what a love poem is,
and where one has to start.

But I am not a poet,
I’m just a rhyming fool.
Most of my lines are nothing more
than drivel and some drool.

But how could I reject her?
She would not let it be.
So I sat down to write that poem.
She means that much to me.

And here’s what I created,
the best that I could do,
a love poem coming from my heart
to show my love is true.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Now and forever,
I’ll always love you.

Well, that was a disaster.
She nearly had a fit.
She said I couldn’t do much worse
if I had half a wit.

But since then I have noticed,
yeah, every now and then,
she takes that poem out of her purse
and reads it once again.

And then I see her smile
when she thinks I don’t see.
Those last two lines of that short poem
are words of love from me.

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