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how my personality seems unattractive to women
Strange ways

If I Walk That Way, well she believe me crazy? If I Walk This Way, will she believe me a creep? If I Walk The Other Way, well she see me as a dove in play? If I Walk The Wiggle away will she believe me just too giggly a kid? If I take the right fork, will she believe me a dork or dweeb?(maybe I need a dorky dweeb to keep it balance even). If I take the left fork will she believe its best to leave me going north? If I walk up a mountain high, will she believe I’m living a vibrant life, or just a frying maniac? If I walk down the valley low, will she believe my chakras glow waving hot? If I walk down the street against the flow, will she think me not warm and sweet with a heart a’ glow?
Somethin’ Ive come across several times that many women, if not most, look for in a partner, is someone who is soft and sweet inside, but tough as bronze framing nails on the outside (and I’m quite intelligent!), - I like to think thats me. I’ve been yelled at, cussed out, b***hed out, pushed passed my limits, but never lost my friendly nature through it all.

A feeling I’ve had in the recent past is that I could spend a year in practically every town in this country and never find a loving intimate partner (even with my ability to be happy by myself). I'm not a very social person. I've pretty much always been the odd person out, and probably always will be. I have strong Aqua energy.
I've been turned down and rejected and I sense silently laughed at by enough women, for being weird and nervous, that I gave up - I went through the last step/phase of being my own best friend during my Colorado experience: being happy with me, myself and I. After all D.I.D I mention I have many personalities as well a Schizophrenia? Well now I have.


~ Wilder
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