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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Nonsense · #2290845
This is all just crazy talk.

I really hadn’t slept too well.
But then, I seldom do.
I poured some more milk in my bowl
as I began to chew.

My kids had kept me up all night,
both ailing with the flu.
But they were finally sleeping now,
something I’d like to do.

I guess my mind just drifted off
‘cause I was in a daze.
This happens when you're sleep deprived
as I had been for days.

I’ve never seen a leprechaun
and probably never will.
I guess they’re all in Ireland.
But are they living still?

I saw one in a movie once,
a long, long, time ago.
I think they’re only fantasy.
But how am I to know?

I guess they look like garden gnomes,
you know the kind I mean.
They have a hat and long white beard
and wear a coat of green.

They say there is a pot of gold.
That’s how the story goes.
A pot of gold would surely help
to ease my money woes.

Imagine all the things I’d do
if I had lots of gold.
I’d live a life of luxury,
no fear of growing old.

But this is all such crazy talk,
a daydream as I eat
I shake my head and curse myself,
some words I can’t repeat.

There’s no such thing as pots of gold;
there are no leprechauns.
I’m switching back to Cheerios.
That's it for Lucky Charms.

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