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Men visualize and do; women read more and think more, going toward a dark hole - a poem.
Continuing the grief of countless,
Unerring women,
The male species persists
In its non-masculine craziness -
This crisis gores our virile thinking habits
And endeavors -
Is more than a trifling,
Fledgling morass;
The society of young and old
Fix the barreling of dues
Into forgetful artistry,
And genuinely bond
With civilization’s newest
And boldest actors. 

Gentlemen tend to visualize
Their acts and perform them
In a formalized, hands-on manner;
Ladies are more conceptual in strata,
Reading through tons of books
And thoughtfully predicting pending avenues…

Coast to coast, a guy is straight
And truly positive…
He may not get into bed with a partner
Who is past such feathery,
Non-committal expectations -
A gal might construe this negatively,
As she blisters into a worn-down,
Dark place in her inclemently cool cinema;

But the man’s beautiful efficacy
Consorts with his lack of animal vigor -
Is his can-do style
And loving embrace
Of warmth, stature, and prosperity -
Through that prominence
Of youth, verve, and versatile honor -
An honesty of promising stretches and deeds
Bred of viscous and ubiquitous optimism…

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