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(Glitchtale) Betty has a sleepover with Frisk and friends
Betty was walking with Frisk, standing behind him as they walked to his place, Betty was having a sleepover and she was beyond excited, taking a back pack full of stuff with her, continuing forward Frisk got to the front door and lifted his bingo wing of an arm, knocking on the door and causing his arm to jiggle in a hypnotic manner, almost putting Betty into a trance only for a very wide Toriel to open the door. Betty stared in awe at the monster mother, her massive hips slapping the sides of the hall as she waddled about, Toriel gave Frisk a big hug and they both jiggled like jelly, making Betty blush a little as she walked in. Toriel put Frisk down and exclaimed "who is this scrawny child here, she looks so hungry!"

"That's my best friend Betty, we're having a sleepover tonight if that's okay?" Frisk asked, looking up to his mother.

"Alright, but she better eat her share," Toriel chuckled, waddling away to the kitchen.

"Come with me!" Frisk beconed, waddling up the stairs and causing Betty to blush more. Betty slowly followed Frisk up the stairs, unable to do anything but stare at his butt as it jiggled and occasionally slapped each other while he went up the stairs. Betty eventually got all the way up and followed Frisk to his bedroom, the smell of food immediately hitting Betty’s nose. The room was almost a mess, all around there were plates with crumbs on them, soda cans that had been emptied, and candy wrappers that were torn open, Frisk sat on the bed and moved a half eaten cake over so Betty could join in. Betty sat beside Frisk and covered her eyes in embarrassment as the greedy boy ate it almost instantly, getting his face covered in crumbs. Frisk said "I try to be clean when I'm out with friends, but I hope you don't mind me eating like this,"

"N-not at all," Betty stuttered, watching as Frisk sat up against the back of the bed.

Frisk wrapped an arm around an already very pink Betty and hugged her, unintentionally pressing her face into his moob. Betty was lost on her feelings at this point, she wanted to get out the hug so she could breath, but then she also wanted to stay because of how shockingly soft it was, Betty eventually flipped around and looked to the door, seeing Toriel walk up and enter the room, the door was certainly wide enough now. Toriel placed down the cakes on Frisk’s drawer and handed Betty a pizza on a massive plate, Toriel then waddled out and shut the door, going back downstairs. Betty looked at the pizza given to her, it was at least the size of her head, and probably way bigger. Betty turned to Frisk and saw that he was gorging himself on the first cake and was already half way done with it, having massive amounts of cake on his two blubbery cheeks. Betty turned to her pizza and pulled out a slice, eating it she found that it was the most delicious cheese pizza she had ever had, with a quick gulp Betty devoured the pizza slice and chuckled, feeling it in her already puffed out tummy. For hours Frisk and Betty glutted themselves on delicious fatty foods Toriel constantly provided, eventually hand feeding Betty dinner which really made her soft, it was eventually 7:00 at night and Betty and Frisk were wearing furry onesie's they had brought, getting comfy on the floor (which Toriel had cleaned) and Frisk saying "Alright, what are we doing?"

"Well-" Betty was about to speak when Chara and Monster Kid came in with Asriel behind, the first and last one wearing at least XXL from what Betty could tell.

"We heard you were having a sleep over and decided to invite ourselves," Chara said, slamming her massive dumptruck onto the floor, and causing the room to shake.

"Did you bring snacks?" Asriel asked, rubbing his protruding belly as he sat down beside Chara.

"What are we playing?" MK asked, shockingly the slimmest of the bunch.

Betty and Frisk shrugged at each other, Betty holding her swollen ball like front while Frisk pushed and pressed himself like he was made of slime. After a few silent minutes MK spoke up "maybe we can play truth or dare?"

"Oh that's spicy coming from you MK," Chara teased, slapping her breasts at MK.

MK fell silent and the group played, since Betty was a newcomer, she would go first, but only after Toriel finished laying out all the fattening snacks. Betty sat and munched on a slice of pizza and said "Alright, Asriel, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Asriel confidently exclaimed.

"I dare you, to lick the chocolate off Chara’s face!" Betty cheekily said, watching as Asriel’s confidence faded to shock and embarrassment.

Chara sighed and closed her eyes as Asriel did the deed, slowly licking Chara’s lips clean of all its chocolaty goodness, Asriel blushed as he sat back down, saying "okay, Frisk, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Frisk said, crossing his arms.

"I dare you..." Asriel spent a good moment thinking, snapping his fingers he continued "to eat one of mom's Pants Snap Snacks!"

"Pant Snap what?" Betty asked, turning to Frisk who had a face of worry.

"It's one of mom's most unhealthy snacks, last time Asriel ate it, it took him a year to work down to a movable weight," Frisk anxiously said.

"How?" Betty asked, looking to the rest of the group.

"Dares a dare!" Asriel saltily huffed, crossing his chubby arms and looking away.

Frisk sighed and sat up, Betty following out of curiosity, and going downstairs to the kitchen where he saw his mom making herself the first course of first dinner. Toriel was about to dig in, to stuff and gorge herself mindlessly when her son came over and asked "mom, can I have one of your Pant Snappers please?"

"Of course sweetie, but are you sure?" Toriel asked, very slowly standing up, "I only use them on lazy days,"

"I know, can I have the snacks please?" Frisk affirmed, waddling with Toriel to the counter.

Toriel began to cook, baking and mixing, and after a few minutes she finished, handing Frisk a thick and dense butter bar before going back to the table. Frisk thanked Toriel and went back upstairs to the group, Asriel was sitting impatiently while Chara was rubbing MK's head. Frisk huffed and sat back down while Asriel watched giddily, Frisk then stuffed the Pants Snap Snack into his mouth whole, scarfing it down and swallowing. A moment of silence fell on the room, Betty spoke up "should something happen?"

"It takes a sec," Asriel said, watching tensely.

Suddenly, a loud rip came from Frisk’s spot, Betty looked over and saw a hulking mass of yellow fat jiggling on the floor, pieces of fur on the ground, Frisk had become a massive immobile blob that was bigger than everyone there combined. Betty climbed up Frisk’s massive body and reached his face, watching as they yellow blob panted from shock of the sudden weight gain, sweating up a storm and licking his lips. Betty said "you need help?"

"O-open... a window... please!" Frisk begged, panting and saying "I'm so hot!"

"Chara, could you open the window please," Betty said to Chara, returning to Frisk and sneaking a kiss.

The rest of the night was spent being stuffed by Toriel who fed the group as they slowly went to sleep, growing fatter with every pie, cake, and pizza.

The End
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