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by Norman
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I'll think about it every day.
Oh, I know how to hold a grudge
like no one that you know.
I’ll save it deep within my heart
to fester and to grow.

Yes, I will not forget that slight,
and I will not forgive.
I’ll think about it every day
as long as I shall live.

So save your lame apology
and stay your silly tears.
The wrong you’ve done will stay with me
for many, many years.

And that is why it pains me so,
as you must understand,
but I have come on bended knee
to seek a helping hand.

I’ll put that grudge up on a shelf,
pretend it is no more.
Then we can be good friends again,
just like we were before.

(But in my heart that grudge still lies.
It will not go away.
No, no, that grudge will burn in me
for ever and a day.)

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