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Sci-fi vixen for my Nezoom novel

Name: Roxy

Species: Anthro Amazonian Vixen

Height: 8' 8"

Home Planet: Nezoom

Job: Bounty Hunter/Police

Disposition: Cold (icy stare)

Physical Appearance: Foxy red with a white stomach, a black tipped tail, & a muscular tone.

~Swords of light & dark (named Duo)
~ a waist pouch made of the impenetrable dried stomach of a yakaza, tied by a cord of rope made from the Gorse Vine (impossible to cut or slice).
~The bag contains darts dipped in the blood of a Snokus.....highly poisonous
~a truth serum made from the secret recipe guarded by Shamanee monks living in the GaiaZa Mines
~a hack tool,
~ & potent healing herbs collected from across the galaxy.

~SeizeTakaMas. Psychic abilities including but not limited to telekinesis and telepathic capabilities.
~lightning fast reflexes allow her to dodge bullets & energy blasts, can sprint at 22mph & reach across 6' in an eye blink,
~can grab & throw daggers with tail.

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