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This one I wrote down right out of my heart without thinking just feeling
Being strong above all
doesn't prevent me
from being fragile as few
My attitude and my cold heart
is all you see
I sometimes wish you knew

With a face made of stone
always on, you'd never guess
I cry alone in my bed
each and every night
a mess more or less

Living with a constant
pain in my heart
never to show
I suffer silently every day
and every night
feeling so low

Time has no place
in my sorry world
it just passes by
A day or a decade
doesn't matter to me
all I can ask is why

The feelings of joy
and happiness
isn't for me
I have forgotten
every positive emotion
darkness is all I can see

Please don't get me wrong
and don't pity me
grieving is my choice
When everybody else
think it's silent
I still hear his voice

I can't do anything but accepting
my life as it is, my brother cold
but peaceful in his final rest
Accept the memory of the rose
and that very last kiss, before
forever closing his chest

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