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Elyse learned a new word and just HAS to tell her baba and papa.
Lidia looked down at the small child with a devious smile, “Now, what did Aunty Lidia teach you?~”

Elyse looked up with sparkling eyes, “F**k”

Lidia clapped her hands. “Very good~ Now, you need to go in front of baba and papa and say it.” Elyse nodded her head quickly as Lidia patted it. “When they ask who taught you, say baba did.”

The toddler tilted her head, “But didwn’t Awnty Widia?”

“Yes, but you have to say baba did, okay?” She looked up slightly trying to come up with an excuse. “Ah, we’re pulling a joke on baba. It’s a secret~”

Elyse smiled enthusiastically and ran out of the room to her fathers in the living room. Lidia peaked out of the door frame.

Ian had his head on Cassius’s lap as the Alpha read a book and gently pet his lover’s hair.

Ian turned his head when he saw his daughter run over. “Hi baby~”

Cassius paused and put his book down when he heard Ian, “Why hello, my little angel~”

Elyse looked at the both of them, and with a huge smile said, “F**k”

They both stared blankly before Ian sat up straight and asked, “W-what did you say?”

“F**k” She repeated happily.

Cassius covered his mouth to keep from laughing. “And who taught you to say that?”

She pointed at the shocked Omega, “Baba did.”

Cassius burst out laughing as Ian tried to defend himself. "I didn’t do it!” He looked at Elyse, “Who told you to say that?”

Elyse then pointed to the silver hair peeking out of the door frame, “Awnty Widia”

Ian stood up “Lidia!” Lidia ducked into the room as Ian came marching down the hall leaving the laughing Cassius and puzzled daughter in the family room.
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