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inspired by an 300-year old oak tree in my hometown
General Oak of Berkeley


When Sam Adams
And his wife, Maria Lee
Decided to retire
To Berkeley, California

He looked for a house
Near where he grew up
There is an old oak tree
In the Thousand Oaks neighborhood

The old tree is prized
Beloved by all
in the neighborhood

He was chatting
With Professor Wilson
Who fancied himself
The historian of the neighborhood

Professor Wilson asked them
To sign a petition to the Mayor
Asking the major to declare
The tree to be an official
Asylum tree of the city

The major signed a proclamation
Declaring the Old Tree ”General Oak”
Noting the tree
Had soon guard since 1750
In that sense had always
Been a guardian tree

Rev. Baker unveiled a plaque
And rang a ceremonial bell
To honor the occasion

Liz Taylor led the Thousand Oaks
primary school choir
in a hymn to General Oak.

Sam imagined the old tree
Smiling at all the attention
As only the old can appreciate.

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