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Getting away with it!
“Why didn’t you take the trash out last night like I asked you to?” Mom sternly said as she stared at my younger sister, June, waiting for a response. I could not help but smile.
Finally! My perfect sister was going to get in trouble!
Mom waited as June contemplated on what to say.
“Don’t lie to me.” Mom warned.
I scoffed. I remembered last week when I was told to do the dishes. I lied and as a punishment I had to do the dishes for a week.
Mom looked at me and without saying it, I knew I had to stay out of it. However, I could not help but gloat. My sister had yet to say anything.
“This is going to be good.” I muttered under my breath.
But then the unthinkable happened. The tears began to flow. June was crying.
“Now what?” I said out loud with annoyance.
“Quiet, May!” My mom said with exasperation.
“But-“ I interjected.
“If you say another word, you will be grounded!” Mom threatened as she waited for June to settle down.
“I tried to take it out last night, but the neighbor’s dog was roaming around and tried to attack me! I thought it would be best if I took it out when someone was home. So, nothing would happen to me!”
What a lie! I thought!
I stared at Mom as her face soften. A few moments later, Mom hugged her and assured her that everything was all right.
“Are you serious!” I cried in horror as I shook my head in disbelief.
As June walked away, she turned to me and stuck her tongue out. Little Miss Perfect got away with it!

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