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A poem about alcoholism.
Alcoholism, a demon's grip,
That holds us tight, won't let us slip.
It whispers lies into our ear,
And fills our hearts with endless fear.

The bottle calls, its siren song,
We take a drink, it won't be long,
Before we're lost within its haze,
And all the world's a drunken daze.

Our families suffer, friends depart,
We lose our jobs, our beating heart,
Is drowned out by the endless swill,
And all we feel is the endless chill.

But hope remains, though it be faint,
For those who seek to break the taint,
Of alcoholism's deadly hold,
And find a life that's bright and bold.

So let us rise, and face the day,
And cast the bottle's grip away,
For freedom lies beyond the haze,
And in the light of sober days.
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