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A fictional company handbook for Titan Mining Company
Welcome to Titan Mining Company! We operate the largest hydrocarbon prospecting claim on the moons of Saturn. Since our inception in 2077, the most important part of our operation is you, the employee!

We’re excited to have you with us and hope you have a long time as a crew member! With this objective in mind, it’s the purpose of this document to educate our workers on how to have a safe and productive stay on Titan.

In 2005, the Huygens probe landed safely on this moon. Scientists were amazed by how much like Earth this place was! There was a thick atmosphere! A solid surface and lakes!

While Titan may resemble our home planet in many ways, there are some key differences! Please remember the following important points.

It is extremely cold on Titan! At minus -179 degrees Celsius(-290 Farenheit) this moon is not picnic weather. So always wear your thermal layer beneath your pressure suit! This is the only protection between you and temperatures lower than Antartica!

When not on shift, it is recommended that employees stay inside the HAB unit unless directed to evacuate. While there, enjoy a classic, freeze dried ice cream or other fun treat in the canteen. You can also enjoy an Augmented Reality rental, basket ball, table tennis or scale a rock wall in the recreation pod.

For the sake of keeping healthy, our HAB unit comes with a state of the art medical and fitness center! Well balanced meals are provided in our cafeteria. Don’t forget to rest up in our dormitory so you are alert and functional!

It should go without saying that smoking and vaping are prohibited. Not only do such activities put a strain on our oxygen supply and filters; it also is a fire hazard! This rule applies to all employees whether inside or outside the HAB unit.

In the event of a fire, bio-hazard or other type of emergency, it is important to follow procedure. When the Klaxon sounds, an automated announcement will play according to the type of situation. Please obey all warnings.

In the event of a medical emergency, please bring all injured or ill crew members to the nearest health clinic. Please be advised that in the event of a viral or bacterial pandemic, you will be asked to quarantine in your dorm. First aid kits are located near the door to every employee living unit.

If an evacuation off Titan is necessary, don your pressure suit and proceed to the nearest air lock by following the emergency lights. Once through the air lock, go immediately to the Launch pad where the backup shuttles are stationed. This will be logged on the Virtual Map you downloaded when hired.

The chemical stores, geology labs and other dangerous areas are off limits to anyone except authorized personnel! This is for your own safety and to protect our assets!

Ice and liquid samples should not be obtained for private use! Melting and drinking the ice or hydrocarbons on Titan could cause bodily harm or death. The same thing applies to sublimating and inhaling hydrocarbons! In summary Titan: just don’t do it!

Psychological services are available for any crew who wish to use them. Simply download the Psych-GPT AI from corporate program store! Our AI therapist will have you feeling better in twenty questions or less!

Pressure suits and all PPE must be worn during your shift. Failure to do so at any time will result in harm or death.

Wages are payed in the crypto currency of your choice. If you are sending funds home to anyone on Earth, please let HR know so we can fill out all necessary forms. Pay will be allotted once every fourteen twenty-four hour cycles. This is in an integer according to your pay grade. See HR for more information.

For your comfort and to maintain proper brain function. HAB unit lights follow a 12 hour full brightness 12 hour dimmed cycle. This ensures near optimal circadian rhythms. If you suffer from insomnia, migraines or other photo-sensitive conditions please let our medical staff know so we can develop a treatment plan.

In the event that you are terminated or wish to leave Titan Mining’s employment, please report to HR immediately. There you will complete all paperwork and a severance pay agreed upon. Once this is finished, you have three thousand light dark cycles from your termination to gather your belongings. Then the transport shuttle should have arrived from Earth to escort you off Titan.

Any litigation will be handled by HR and the legal team. They will analyze any complaints or charges against employees. Once the issue has been resolved, there is a one time appeals process that can be gone through if desired. The case will then be re-evaluated and a final verdict delivered. For all information on this please consult the legal handbook located on Titan Mining Company’s website.

This concludes the safety and guidelines handbook! Thank you for taking time to read it! Bear in mind failure to comply with the instructions in this book will result in outcomes leading up to and including disciplinary action and termination! We hope your time with us is pleasant and that you enjoy working for Titan Mining Company!
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