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This is more than intoxication. It's the sweet and lovely wine of love itself!
Thy Kisses Sit Upon My Lips

Thy kisses sit upon my lips
as sips of precious wine.
They dab away my bitter quips.
My only thirst is thine!

I cannot quaff a vulgar ale,
when wine so sweet is nigh,
and miles are but a narrow vale
between my love and I!

Though casks in cellars of chateaus
might hold a prince's wine,
you'll find no wine where e'er you go
more precious is than mine!

If drunkeness you deem a joy,
the drink a simple means,
distillers are a shameful ploy.
My love and wine are queens!

They bade me drink of poorer fare,
but I refused to taste!
For only fools drink l'eau de mer
while finer goes to waste!

Tonight, my thirst for you is great
for I denied the rest,
and chose to patiently await
the kisses I love best!

Shawn C. Bailey
2023 August 07
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