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Angie faces her dreams on a hot August day.
Clouds moved in as the day drew to a close. Angie could see lightening gathering and splintering in the canopy of dark grey off in the distance. She waved off a honeybee that droned by heavy with pollen. It seemed dizzy in the heat.

The rain would be welcome. The earth was parched below her feet. The grass mere stubble. Dust was billowing up and wrecking havoc in various pockets around the fair. The unbearable heat had thinned the crowds. Some went for shelter of the main building. It had air conditioning.

Thank goodness for the tarp over the bottle throw game where she was working. She was also thankful that her boss had only assigned everyone a few hours at a time. She would be done soon.

Not far off the bouncy castle stood empty. No one had the energy to get in there to jump. It had sat empty all day. Looking a little wilted, just like her.

Her gaze shifted to take in the dark clouds in the distance. She wondered if tonight's show would be canceled. She didn't relish the thought of being surrounded by so many amps and other instruments on stage. Her guitar was acoustic, but she'd still need to be amped up for the audience to hear. She also worried about singing into the mic. Talk about going out with a bang.

She'd heard rumours of talent scouts in the area. A chance to perform and maybe make a good impression on them had her rolling her shoulders. Seeing a few stragglers, she pushed those thoughts away and smiled hoping they would come over save her from worry and boredom.

As they got closer, she recognized Alex's friendly grin. He looked so dreamy. Even in this heat.

Smoothing her hands over her denim shorts, she deepened her smile and forced herself to take a calming breath. That boy really did things to her heart.

"Hey," she called as they headed her way.

His grin deepened, causing her heart to ramp up its rhythm even further as he approached.

"My cousins want a little action and they figured this would be easy," he said giving her a wink as the two boys and a girl with him protested that it was and that they could win the big prize.

Glancing at the oversized great bear that hung from the shelter's lean-to, she shrugged and said, "It's worth a try. Never know unless you step up and do it."

"I'll go," the tallest of the boys bounced forward.

"This is Jimmy." Alex told her.

Angie greeted Jimmy as she took the money he offered and handed him his three rings. She told him the rules then stepped back as he attempted to throw the tiny red rings around the bottle necks a few feet in front of him.

When he was unsuccessful, his younger brother, Alex introduced as Fin, jostled forward and handed her his money.

"I can do better," he crowed stepping up to take his aim.

"Can't," Jimmy snarled, then quietened when Alex gave him a raised brow look that had him huffing out of the way.

Angie bit her bottom lip as she tried to rein in the bubble of laughter. Meeting Alex's gaze she smiled feeling the heat of a flush rise up her neck and flood her cheeks.

She ducked back to give Fin his chance and hopefully shake off the nerves. She didn't need Alex to notice her blooming cheeks.

The last ring circled the bottle, then tipped off. "Dang." the boy groused as his brother hooted at his failed attempts.

"Me too," the youngest, a pixie sized girl said as she pressed her way up to the throwing spot.

"This is Ginny,"

Angie could not help smiling at the wee girl. She was determined to beat her brothers who scoffed and called out that there was no way a girl could do it.

Alex gave them another look and they settled back to grumble.

"Alex will you hold them a sec?' she handed the rings over and beamed up at him.

"No fair getting Alex to throw for you." Jimmy sputtered.

"He's not throwing them. I am." she said with a defiant air. Then lowering her voice she whispered, "I just want your luck to rub off."

Alex grinned and rubbed the rings between in hands. Ginny giggled. Angie"s heart melted as she watched the two of them.

When Ginny took them back, she turned toward the targets. Angie smiled over at her, then grinned when a look of determination settled over the girl's face.

They all watched as each of the three rings found their mark. It was not until the last one fell into place that the tiny girl squealed and jumped up and down.

Her brothers were speechless. Alex wore a huge grin.

"But she's a girl," Jimmy fumed when he finally found his voice,

"Yes, she is and she's got a wicked aim." Alex said proudly as he accepted the huge bear that Ginny had picked as her prize. "Way to go!"

Ginny dusted off her hands and looked over at her brothers, "and that's how it's done."

"And that's how it's done," Angie and Alex said at once, then laughed.

When their laughter was spent, Alex cleared his throat and asked, "Will you be playing at the concert?"

"Yeah, so long as we don't get rained out."

They both shifted their gaze to the horizon to see the cloud looking a little less menacing.

"We may get some rain, but I think the worst of that thunder has dwindled out. People will stay. It'll feel good after all this heat." Watching his cousins make a beeline for the main building, he turned and said, "Good luck tonight. I look forward to hearing you."

"Come on Alex." The boys called back.

Alex gave her one more boyish grin, then sauntered off after them.

Still smiling, Angie whispered, "Thanks."

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