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Chiaroscuro and gratitude
My life is not wasted, despite all its flaws
The heartache, anxiety, bills and unrest.
I have confidence in the One above me
Who cares about me and wants me to care as well.
It's not wise to be lethargic, discouraged or mean
So I jot down some blessings to dispel my gloom.
There's so much to be thankful for—where do I begin?
Good music at my fingertips, free of charge
A wild imagination for dreaming out loud
A close circle of friends loyal and true
A virtuous mother who raised me well
Solitude to be myself, to write and create
Worlds to share for the enjoyment of many.
It's a unique life, conflicted with light and dark shadows
I find peace and give thanks for all my dualities.

15 lines, free verse
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