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An Imagine Dragons parody
[Verse 1]
Snow's falling too fast to count the flakes
Smell the spices as the cookies bake
Tripping over tinsel, it's dangerous
Everybody's running round sleepless and anxious
Everybody's waiting for Santa Claus
Everybody's praying for some time to pause
Everybody's hoping to avoid the in-laws
Shop at Ross, gift for the boss

Wait, wait
Shouldn't there be more to this?
What is it 'bout Christmas
Makes people think it's time to kiss?
I don't wanna run, run
Buying junk for someone
Drink too much or party hard

Christmas is here
And that should mean peace out to everyone
Christmas is here
Look at that Baby and see the Son
Lead us to You Lord, we're not ready
'Cause Christmas is here
And that means more than just traffic (A ton)
Christmas is here

[Verse 2]
Always afraid of having overate
Spend the holidays feeling overweight
Always hanging on to the visual
Like silver bells and candles
Looking at this time like martyrdom
Waiting around for January one
I'm sick of seeing green and red
Our Christmas spirit appears to be doornail dead

Wait, wait
Something must be missing here
What about the Christmas cheer?
Why has giving gone so wrong?
I don't wanna sit, sit
In traffic for a cheap gift
They may bring back before too long

Christmas is here
And that means more than just running around
Christmas is here
Our Father sent the Son and He came down
Christmas is here
Hold the fruitcake, we're not ready
'Cause Christmas is here
And this time shouldn't be spent out on the town
Christmas is here

Hypocritical, egotistical
Don't wanna buy the cheapest gift
Too typical, feeling minimal
Wrapping up something to be proud of
Unpack the box
An epoxy to the world and the vision we've lost
I'm an anomaly
My gift's a symbol to remind you that there's more to see
"Just a product in the system" –
Look behind the veil, and yes it was on sale
Black Friday's the only time that it's affordable
At least we know it's the thought that counts
And God sees our hearts, not the wrapping around

Christmas is here
And God gave us the greatest gift of them all
Christmas is here
And we don't have to rush to the mall
Christmas is here
Remind us what it means, we're not ready
'Cause Christmas is here
And we should remember it's more than just ribbons and all —
Jesus is here

Written to the melody of the unforgettable Whatever It Takes.
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