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A Journey with hands
"I've strayed so far from normal now, I'll never find my way back.
And the truth is, I no longer want to." -- Alyson Noel

As long as he remembered he had this gift.

At first, he thought he only was a sensitive lad, susceptible to what women needed because of the family with three sisters he was born in. Carla, Bianca, and Thea were older than little Chris and practically raised the young lad to adulthood. Mom and Dad were busy owning the grocery shop downtown and working 24/7 to make ends meet.

The young children were happily playing outside, in the fields catching frogs, hanging upside down in the big trees of the estate next to their house, skating in wintertime on the frozen underground of the water-hosed grass lawn in the park.

A childhood with laughter, fun, and lots of love.

And he grew up knowing what his sisters wanted before they could even tell him, before their soft voices had spoken to him, merely by touching them with his bare hands, merely by focusing on their needs by looking at them as they were in the room going about their girly business, or outside playing with their friends.

It was as if he could feel their energy and read into it.

For Chris it was not spooky or scary to finish their sentences in his head, to feel their womanly core blossom while they all were growing older.

It was natural for him to understand their needs and desires and to anticipate their actions. He grew up a friendly man, a team player, and above all a women’s man.

Everybody, but especially women was fond of the man he became and adored his stylish manner of treating women with kindness and respect.

Then one day he discovered the world of massage and his hands learned to navigate the woman’s body, to knead and mold their shape and flesh, and to understand fully what it meant to be a woman.

He married, got three kids, and a career in management.

And Chris forgot all about it.

Life got in the way of this extremely talented guy with two golden hands.

Till that day he understood and discovered his true self as a man and he became known as the Healer.

When he died at ninety-five years old, he left thousands of grateful women and a world finally experiencing his gifted nature.

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