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by Sumojo
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What will I receive for Christmas?
What’s in the box?
I roll, rattle and shake.
Please! Don’t let it be socks,
For heaven's sake.

My sock drawer is full, I’ll never need more
Undies or chocolate. I could open a store
Of unwanted gifts. I may sound ungrateful,
But please, give it some thought, I’ve had a plateful.

Think of my hobbies, the things that I like.
The theatre, music, reading and riding a bike.
Well, okay, riding a bike is not something I do,
But I might like a voucher to go the zoo.

Or a pass to the movies or maybe a meal.
Nothing expensive, a two for one deal
Would be fine, for me and your father.
Or a new book if it’s something you’d rather.

I know, I know, what counts is the thought.
It’s not the cost of the gift that is bought.
But at least have ME in mind when you buy those knickers,
And get me some that sparkle and glitters.

But my dearest family and friends,
All that matters in the end,
Are the moments we share,
And the love that transcends.

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