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by Sumojo
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Christmas is canceled this year
Line count 42
“Christmas is canceled this year.” Came the news,
From the old man, Santa, himself.
When he vlogged to the world that he had the blues
And suggested we buy off the shelf.

From around the world came a collective groaning,
As the old man declared he was down in the dumps.
Some suggested a little postponing?
While others thought it was simply the mumps,
Causing his pain, not his mind breaking.
Or was it his heart aching?

A call went out to Mrs. Claus to disclose the cause of the stress.
Could she shed a light on what had transpired?
She said he’d simply declared the world was a mess,
And figured it was time he retired.

He’d said kids no longer frolicked outside in the snow.
They wanted PlayStations, iPads, and such.
But he’d lost his will, his get-up-and-go,
He simply explained. It all seemed too much.

He ached for the days of innocent fun,
When children were happy, with no need for a gadget.
A kite and a wind and a place to run
Brought them joy and a feeling of magic.

So, what’s to be done?
The world needed an answer
Was a spell to be spun?
Could Rudolph assist or maybe Prancer?

After weeks of talks and many discussions
And doctor's visits to begin the healing,
The world was praying, even the Russians,
That he’d start to listen to all the appealing.

A voice from a child in a war torn place
Eventually changed Santa’s mind
“It’s Christmas” said the boy with a filthy face,
“Things will be better, cos Santa’s kind.”

He’d forgotten that children still had trust,
Despite the wars and their dreadful plight,
That magic still happened, and it must.
Of course there’d be a Christmas night.

And so it was, the declaration
That all was back to status quo.
The reindeers galloped to their station,
Loaded the sleigh, and readied to go.
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