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HBCUs are in trouble. The smaller ones, may not make it! Feeling helpless and hopeless!
Saint Augustine's University (SAU, The Aug, or Saint Aug) is an HBCU located in Raleigh, NC. The more I see what is going on in our world today, the more I appreciate my alma mater. I felt safe there. I wanted to send and sent my children there..

Yes, it, as everything else, has changed, and but for tenacity, fortitude, and so much more, its doors would have closed long ago. After sitting through a very good but painful meeting today, I realized that without help from its alumni, the doors of this great institution will shut.

Yes, there will always be bigger, better, and more economically sound colleges and universities as the white schools grap and suck up our most brilliant students.

Yes, The Aug was good enough for us when the white institutions did not want us or wanted us only because the Federal government would pay big money for every one of us accepted at their institutions.

Yes, The Aug, with every other HBCU, will become extinct as we become more and more accepted into the white society and culture. Not because our HBCUs cannot do the job but because they are being abandoned by those they served for more acceptable names, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard, just to name a few.

Yes, a few of the major HBCUs will be around because of their funding sources, location, etc., but those smaller ones that allowed every Black child who wanted to get a college education to get one will slowly become extinct UNLESS we, their alumni begin to support them with our children, grandchildren, and FINANCIAL RESOURCES!
Yes, Saint Augustine's University is small, but it is a beautiful campus located in an area that is absolutely conducive to learning and much more. It has a learned faculty and a leader who is willing to go the mile to keep the doors open, but this is not enough.

Yes, Saint Augustine's University needs and demands stability and finances for it to continue to exist, and with this post, I am committed to giving back to an institution that gave to me when I did not have enough sense to know I needed it!

Yes, I need your support in helping to make Saint Augustine's University your institute of choice for donating, considering, and sending your children, grandchildren, other family members, and friends to college this year and in the future.

Yes, working together, we can save one of the HBCUs that produced some of the finest nurses in the history of this Country, and for that reason alone, should be kept open forever!
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