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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2310814
To prove that she's not a weakling, Serena takes on the odd challenge of eating insoles.
(Content included: Foot Massage, Foot Worship, Sweaty or Smelly Feet, Toe Jam)
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         At midday, two teenage Pokémon trainers huddled under the shade of a huge tree in the lush green town of Geosenge. The tanned boy, Ash, was slurping away at his vanilla ice-cream cone—not to be confused with the Pokémon, Vanillite. Right next to him, a fair-skinned girl licked the remains of her chocolate off her skinny fingers. Serena. But while Ash’s focus was entirely on the cone before him, this girl barely gave her food a thought.

         Oh, Ash…

         Watching him thrust his tongue into that delicate dairy was quite a show for Serena. As soon as she mentally replaced the ice cream with herself, she inched closer to the boy. His innocent eating had sparked a moisture between her thighs, something the Sun couldn’t achieve all morning. Especially hearing his soft sighs of delight after every swallow, followed by the slow way he licked the white substance off his lips.

         “You okay?” Ash startled Serena, now realising how close she’d positioned herself to him. With a simple gesture, he offered her a lick of his remaining ice cream. Her blue eyes widened, and the curious girl took the dive.

         “Mind if I have some, Ash?”


         At that moment, Serena’s bright face switched to a disturbingly tight pout. Right on the other side of the ice-cream cone, with a slimy tongue wiggling for Serena to see, was the blue-haired thorn in her side. That brat’s cheeky smile did an amazing job of pissing Serena off, no matter how chipper her mood.

         “Hey, Miette,” Ash said, taking another lick of his ice cream.

         “Afternoon.” Miette parked herself on Ash’s other side, making sure their shoulders stuck together. “Up to anything, Serena?”

         Serena’s unamused expression didn’t plan on going anywhere. She sat with a frown as Miette and Ash took turns swirling their tongues around the vanilla treat.

         I’m gonna rip that tongue right out her mouth if she sneaks a kiss in…

         “Afraid to lick, my dear Serena?” The uninvited guest took the cone from Ash and pointed it in Serena’s direction. Immediately, the girl felt a twinge of vomit rise in her throat. Whereas Ash had licked like a civilised person, Miette’s slobber was dripping from the dessert. But Miette continued to push it closer to Serena’s face. “Yummy… Come on, he offered you, didn’t he?”

         “After your mouth’s been on it?” Serena shoved Miette’s hand with enough force to snap it. “I’d rather eat a shoe.”

         “Huhuhu! Like you could seriously go through with that. You’d probably take one lick and run off screaming like a bird. Don’t you think so, Ash?”

         Ash’s snickering turned Serena into a human tomato. “Sorry,” he laughed, “but she’s not wrong.”

         “Oh, hyuck it up, you two!” She rose to her feet. “I meant every word I said! Anything would taste better than something YOU got your tongue on, freak!”

         “Meant every word? Perfect. I’ve got just the thing for you.”

         “What’d you say?”

         Giggling, Miette pulled a sealed bag from behind her back. She dangled it slightly in front of Ash’s face, then lifted it higher so that Serena could get a perfect view. If the curly-haired dame felt a little nauseous before, she was in for a world of queasiness.

         Inside the bag was a pair of sneakers, black with orange accents. More alarmingly, one of the insoles had been removed from the shoes and was facing Serena. In addition to seeing the toe prints—nothing unusual considering how girls abuse their shoes—she witnessed tons of filth. The shade and distance made it hard to spot every detail, but there was something seriously wrong with these shoes. Finally, at the bottom of the bag were two balled socks. Well, they were white at some point maybe. Currently…

         “You likey?” Miette chuckled and pursed her lips at her rival. “These shoes and I have been through hills and valleys for six years. They’re practically unusable for me, so I was gonna be generous and donate them to somebody in need. But since you insist you’re willing to eat a shoe, why not back up your tough talk?”

         “SICKO!” Serena covered her mouth. “You’ve got another thing coming if you think I’m going anywhere near that trash!”

         “Maybe we’ll have to find her some baby shoes, Ash.” She set a hand on Ash’s lap, patting it as she dangled the bag in the air. “Too scared to lick a shared ice cream and now she’s too petrified to go through with what she said. How pathetic…”

         Not only had Miette interrupted Serena’s special moment with Ash, but the girl was getting bigger laughs out the boy than anything Serena had done in a week. All the while, Serena stood there with her pants down. Even if she shot out a slick comment, Miette would discover a way to counter her and make her look like the biggest clown in Kalos. All in front of her crush, a crush who slowly seemed to gravitate more to the blue-haired girl’s personality.

         But if I go through with this, I won’t look so lame after all!

         “Gimme that!”

         She snatched the bag from Miette, then forced her aside as she sat between the two trainers. And upon seeing further inspection of the shoes, Serena’s adrenaline-fuelled confidence took a plunge.

         Is it even possible?

         “Having second thoughts?” Miette asked, running a finger on Serena’s cheek.

         “Shut up.” Taking a deep breath, Serena broke the bag’s seal. A heat hit her so hard that she felt she was sitting atop a stove. But along with the heat came a powerful odour. Its intensity only worsened as Serena rustled through the bag, causing the air to slap her in the face with the stench of Miette’s footwear. Her nose crinkled while pulling the sneakers out, especially the left one with the insole detached. If she kept it hovering above this stinkfest for too long, poor Serena’s nose was going to fall off her face.

         She set the items down on her lap. In no particular order: Miette’s right sneaker, the one with the insole intact; Miette’s left sneaker; the left sneaker’s horrifyingly darkened insole; and finally the two socks, both of whom were stained with filth.

         Ash picked up one of Miette’s socks and took a sniff. “Mmm… How long did you wear these socks for?”

         “Good question. Less than the shoes, I know that.”


         “You LIKE that!?” Serena slapped the sock to the ground. “What am I even getting pedicures for if nasty toe smells turn you—”

         “The louder you scream, the greater an audience you’ll receive,” Miette warned, pointing to some little kids watching the three.

         “Not like it matters to you,” she sighed. “How am I actually supposed to do this? Your feet are almost bigger than mine.”

         “True…” Miette put a finger to her chin. During this, she began to play with her current shoes, popping them off her heels repeatedly. “To make this feasible, you don’t have to eat both sneakers. But you have to eat both insoles, at least one sock, and does Mr Ketchum have anything he’d like to add to Serena’s challenge?”

         Ash looked at his ice-cream cone, then at Serena, then at Miette, and finally ended up on Miette’s feet. Since her shoes were closed-toed, they’d be perfect little traps.

         “To stick with eating, how about she has to lick the rest of this ice cream of your bare feet?”


         “We can just spread it in your shoes, Miette,” he said with a grin.

         “Ooh, you wanna see her little tongue going between all my toes?” Miette moaned, kicking off one shoe. “And she can lap up the remainder that pools in my oh-so tight shoes…”

         What have I gotten myself into!?

         Ash grinned. “But if Serena can do it, she should be able to make you do something. Right?”

         Miette’s eyes widened. After a few seconds, she nodded. “Sure. Not like she’ll be able to.”

         Serena helplessly watched as Miette dipped the remaining ice cream into both of her orange shoes. After removing her socks, Miette finally closed the air gap between her feet and the ice cream. She initially fidgeted from the cool temperature, yet quickly ended up with a satisfied smile.

         “Shall we begin, Serena?” She leaned back against the tree. “Any order you like, but save my feet for the end. We’ve gotta let my soles marinate in this vanilla ice cream before they’re ready.”

         Pouting, the dirty-blonde picked up her first part of lunch.

         The sock, at a glance, looked like it’d go down her throat the easiest. This was an ankle sock, so the odds were in Serena’s favour. But what a putrid-smelling sock it was. It smelt as if Miette had worn it on hikes every other day. The texture wasn’t anything to praise either. It was crusty to the touch, scratching Serena’s dainty fingers like sandpaper.

         The less said about the discolouration, the better. Very little of the sock retained its white properties. Instead, it was more orange, like the dirt on a baseball field. And when it wasn’t tinted orange, it was somewhere on a scale from grey to black. The sock was also covered in tiny holes.

         Did a Dustox already eat through these things?

         Serena’s lips trembled.

         Backing out now would mean looking like a loser in front of Ash. Well, more of a loser. Not only would this put the boy more on Miette’s side, but the girl would have more ammo to use against Serena for every future competition they’d participate in.

         “Here goes,” she mumbled. Closing her eyes, she unrolled the crusty sock into her mouth. Its rough texture glided across her taste buds until it spread out across the entire muscle.

         How is this gonna work?

         As Serena chewed on the fabric, bits of dust and cotton fluffed up into her mouth. The bitterness of the sock caused her to tighten her muscles. It was a sharp flavour, one that worked in conjunction with the coarse surface to make her squirm.

         “Mmm… How’s that for you?” Miette put a finger on Serena’s lips. “Shh, finish chewing before you talk.”

         The more that Serena’s teeth tried to rip apart the sock, the more she realised that this was an impossible task. It was simply too sturdy and solid to be broken up like ordinary food.

         All or nothing!

         She clenched her fists, using all her energy to get this sock down her throat. In seconds, the space in the back of her mouth widened. Serena then took one mighty gulp. Now that the hot foot glove was going down her throat, she began to take deeper breaths. Her chest felt stuffed. Her throat felt like it still had a big lump in it, even after the sock had clearly gone down.

         Serena opened her mouth and faced the other two.

         “Whoa, she was serious!” Ash’s eye was right inside of Serena’s mouth.

         “Not so fast, Ashy. Let’s wait until she finishes with my insoles before you think of congratulating her.”

         I’m not down yet, you bitch.

         But once Serena properly picked up the single right insole, she let out a panicked scream. Miette’s footprint already looked burnt into it, but that was the smallest issue on display. What was all this hair doing there? And the various specks of dirt and grass? In fact, the areas between the toeprints had trails of some blackish material clinging to the insole like glue. And the very bottom of it, where Miette’s skinny heel would’ve rested for years, was partially missing. Like a torn sheet of paper, it was cut around the corner. And somehow, despite that chunk being missing from the insole, what remained was the grimiest mark that her heel could’ve left behind.

         What little composure Serena had left was fading away. The girl’s heart was slamming against her chest. Her eyes were twinkling, tears waiting for the call to escape. And her nose could barely handle the smell from a distance.

         “You wanna whiff?” Grabbing the back of her rival’s head, Miette forced Serena’s face into the slimy insole. “Yeah, that’s years of running and dancing for you. That gets my feet nice and smelly, something a boy values as a sign a girl is hard-working.”

         The insole reeked of a cocktail of foul odours. Firstly, the heel area resembled the most potent of vinegar; not helping matters was the deep moisture that turned this stable barrier into a soggy mess. Secondly, the sole area smelt like the shoe itself. Only instead of being clean and fresh out of the box, the shoe had been burning for years. Its odour polluted Serena’s nostrils badly, causing her to sputter as she fought Miette. Finally, the toe area. Like the stalest of cheap theatre popcorn, it forced Serena’s eyes open. The smell managed to throw in a hint of aged cheddar as well, and combined with the buttery slickness of the insole in this section, Serena’s body could’ve given out right there and then.

         “How do Serena’s feet tend to smell, Ash? If you don’t mind elaborating.”

         The boy put a hand on Serena’s thigh as her muffled whimpers came through the insole. “I guess she had them in my face when we tickled her that one time. They kind of smelt like soap. Just soap.”

         “And as a strong, manly Pokémon trainer, does that soap smell draw any reaction out of you?”

         “Hehe… Yours is a bit nicer.”

         “I get the message!” Serena cried, digging her fingernails into Miette’s hand. The rival yelped and pulled back. “Forgive me for caring for my feet unlike this demon, Ash!”

         “Hmph.” Miette flicked Serena’s nose.

         Our heroine gave the smelly insole one more look. Its vile status made Serena hesitate to place it in her mouth. She slowly tried to force it in, like a baby handling food it doesn’t like. But at the last moment, she would always set it down.

         “Told you. W-E-A-K.”

         That insult from Miette lit a fire under Serena. She quickly broke the toe section off the rest of the insole. Feeling its sliminess between her fingers, she took a breath and tossed it into her mouth. From there, her mouth worked like a motor.

         Miette burst out in laughter. “What’s this? Is the rat-haired Serena enjoying eating my crusty yet melted toe jam?”

         “Toe jam?” Ash questioned, in awe at Serena’s Emolga-like chewing.

         “Mmm-hmm~ When I’m out and about real hard, it’s like a forest of nature’s filth growing between my digits. Capped off with a little sweat oasis for each pairing.”

         Serena’s eyes widened.

         Toe jam… SICK! What’s next!? Gonna tell me she’s got athlete’s foot!?

         She scowled at Miette while this chunk of insole broke down inside her mouth. Every bite revealed the slimiest secret. It was as if Serena was chewing into a juice-filled gummy. When her teeth clamped on where the big and second toes would sit, a tart substance would cling to her pearly whites like tar. And its saltiness… Tears silently flowed from Serena’s eyes as this aged toe jam spread itself throughout her mouth. Bothering her more was its inconsistent texture. Sometimes it’d be stretchy like bubble gum, refusing to detach from the insole. At other times, the jam would be thick like mashed potatoes and gravy, requiring Serena to thrust her tongue. And each time she did, the sweaty bitterness only made her sicker.


         But that wasn’t the end of it. Serena continued to chew up what lingered of this section of the insole. Just to prevent herself from passing out, she held her head up. With one gargling swallow, her throat received the largest lump.

         Trembling, she opened her mouth.

         “How’s that toe jelly doing for you?” Miette asked, rolling her eyes. “If you wait for me to scrape my feet, I might throw in some cheese for dessert.”

         The middle finger was Serena’s only response. Taking a deep breath, the girl curled up the insole, then shoved it into her mouth. Her muscles strained. Her taste buds were dying. The gooey toe jam tickled her tongue into numbness, causing Serena to need to take more effort into getting the job done. She could even taste…

         Hair? Ugh… Kill me.

         Nevertheless, she swallowed it.

         She gasped, her face red and her hands shaky. While giving both Ash and Miette a look that screamed “I will end you guys,” Serena dug into the bag for the last insole. This time, she didn’t have to rip it out from the shoe. But once her fingers got a grip on it, the girl felt a vomit coming up.

         Between the heat and the crusty yet sticky texture, she began to shake her head.

         Don’t give up! You’re about to cross the finish line!

         Lo and behold, it was hovering before her face. The left insole of Miette’s destroyed sneaker was, in one word, repulsive. Everything about the other insole was true here as well, only this one’s footprint was far too difficult to make out. After all, the entire object was blacker than the richest black. Coloured grime particles still appeared scattered across the insole like seasoning on pasta. Greens from grass, perhaps a touch of yellow from a fungus Miette’s wicked self possibly had, and naturally some white sand. But due to the overall darkness, Serena couldn’t tell where any of the toe jam spots were. Despite the name, these grimy marks could be anywhere on the insole.

         The odour manifested in a stronger form, as well. Her nostrils fought to close themselves, with Serena now breathing out her mouth. Now that she was inhaling the essence and little dust specks of Miette’s insole, her tears came out more frequently.

         “You know, it’s not too late to admit you can’t do it,” Miette giggled, all while stroking Ash’s neck.

         Serena, teeth clenched, glared at the devil.

         “Anyone could tell you’re about to black out like a wimp, Serena. Be a woman and accept your—”

         Before she could finish, Serena had already begun to devour the insole. Her speed doubled, for in just ten seconds she’d torn the insole in half and put the bottom half in her mouth.

         Once inside, Serena sucked on its vile contents as if the insole was a jawbreaker. As this was where Miette’s heel would rest, there was a healthy amount of grime on the very bottom. In addition to stretching and being soft yet rough, this type of jam gave Serena’s tongue a wake-up call. There was a spiciness to it. All Serena could imagine was that it indeed was elements of a fungus lingering, trying to conquer her tongue. But today, it wouldn’t have that honour.


         “That was quick!” Ash noted.

         Serena stared at the remaining top half of the insole, where Miette’s grubby toes had been pressing down for years.

         Slurp! Slurp! Slurp…

         She scowled at Miette and Ash while licking this part of the insole, letting them get a good view at all of the thick toe jam building up on her tongue. The slimy muscle had begun the afternoon bright and pink. But right now, as Serena slid it across a deteriorating insole, it was covered in little hairs, fuzz, toe jelly and more. And the girl was fully aware of how foul her breath had become. If she talked to anyone, she’d smell like she was licking a dirty foot.

         But as Serena rolled the insole into her mouth, chewing as hard as her jaw would allow, the tiniest of grins appeared on her face. It only grew as Miette’s pupils shrank.

         That’s right, you blue-haired bitch. Remind me, what was that you were blabbering on about back there? About how I’m ready to black out like a wimp!?

         Though she was still crying, she also started to moan and giggle. It was a bizarre sight for the occasional passerby. Once the toe jam had spread itself like jelly all over her teeth, gums and tongue, Serena produced the loudest gulp she could muster.


         Sticking out her tongue revealed only specks of jam, which she was quick to swallow. Serena even licked her fingers, finally having Miette give a look of disgust.

         “What’s wrong?” Serena asked. “Not like this challenge is over. Your little friend over there wants me to lick his ice cream off your feet, right?”

         Miette shivered. “This isn’t…” She then growled, kicking off her shoes and revealing her ultra white soles. They were not only covered in the melted ice cream, but faint specks of shoe grime were also present. The occasional hair, a mild case of toe jam, stuff Serena anticipated. But Miette folded her arms, finally returning the devilish smirk back. “You can’t lick them for long without getting sick.”

         “Don’t get cocky.”

         Dropping to her stomach, Serena took a closer look at Miette’s feet. For someone who called herself so elegant, her arches were somehow smaller than Serena’s. Yet her toes were longer than Serena’s, almost like fingers on the feet. Serena immediately shrugged this off, but then she caught Ash checking out the tops of Miette’s toes.

         “You like her feet, Ash?”

         “She’s got nice toes.” He tapped Miette’s right big toe. “I like the blue polish.”

         “Thank you,” Miette said. “I make sure to keep them decent as often as I can. Pedicures every week, you know. You’d never find me growing my nails out or having them unpainted on a regular basis. Unlike—”

         “Why cover up my nails when I’ve got nothing to hide?”

         Serena’s comment made Miette kick her in the nose. The girl, ready to lick a foot, could only laugh.

         “I love having my feet played with in a salon, too. Difference is that I’m only there to have my nails trimmed and the thick skin scraped off. I don’t have to paint my nails bright blue because I’m afraid some boy will think my feet are ugly.”

         “Would you suck her feet, Ash?” Miette asked him, leaning into his ear.

         “I… I mean, does she want that?”

         Serena clapped twice. “Less talking, more winning.”

         Starting with the right foot, Serena wrapped her lips around Miette’s thin heel. As she sucked the vanilla ice cream, the taste gave her another surprise. Unlike the disgusting insoles, the ice cream was mostly untainted. It had a slightly sour taste, definitely from the sweat combined with the chunks of shoe grime, but Serena’s few fears were finally put to rest.

         It’s just a foot, Serena. Imagine you’re licking Ash’s, and this is the best thing ever.

         Miette curled her toes when Serena placed them in her mouth. The girl started with the smallest toes, working her way up to the big one. All the while, her tongue slalomed between the slender digits to fish out any trapped cream.

         As she bobbed her head up and down on Miette’s foot, she looked into Ash’s eyes. Ash could only watch in amazement as Serena sucked on hard Miette’s toes. But Serena wanted to get a message across. That this was what she was willing to do behind closed doors, should Ash have wanted it. Serena slowed down the pace, taking her time to really extract the ice cream from Miette’s smelly foot. Now looking at her cursed rival, she saw how she covered her mouth with the most flustered face.

         You know it’s over.

         Serena lapped the big toe twice until she could rub the left foot against the side of her face. The ice cream that covered her face only made her feel stronger. She could handle anything Miette and her atrocious feet threw her way, including the thicker toe jam that she faced on the left foot. Miette’s toes could barely spread because of the stickiness; it took Serena ten tongue jabs before she could break through the buildup. But when she did, she was met with a pleasant surprise.

         It’s kinda like cookie dough when mixed with this, actually.

         “I can do you one further,” she boasted, taking another slippery lick up Miette’s arch. While licking her left foot like a Lillipup, Serena squeezed the right foot’s heel. But then it transitioned into her kneading around the ball of the foot, and then the area below Miette’s arch. Before anyone knew it, Serena was giving Miette’s soggy foot a massage while she slurped on another.

         Ash pouted. “I didn’t know you knew how to give massages.”

         “Never asked,” Serena moaned, forcing her tongue between Miette’s toes again. “I’ll give you one if you’re good enough.”

         For ten to twenty minutes, Serena soaked and rubbed Miette’s clammy feet. At the end, she stood, tossed her hair back and showed them her tongue again. This time it was whiter and cleaner than when she’d licked the insoles. Ash, eyes wide, gave his friend a round of applause. He then hugged her.

         “That was awesome, Serena! You actually did it!”

         “I told you,” Serena panted, licking her lips. “Before bed tonight…mind if I suck on your toes a little?”

         “Wait, you really want to!? You like my feet?”

         “Did I stutter? I don’t like just any random Joe’s feet. Yours, on the other hand…”

         “Hehehe… They’re probably not gonna smell the best—”

         “Soap and water, Ash. That’s later, though. We’ve got other matters to attend to right now.”

         Now the attention was on Miette. Shock, surprise, fear, worry, anger—all these emotions and more filled her head. All she could do was stare at her own wet feet. Serena had sucked on her toes so hard, she ruined the polish job. Miette gasped when she realised just how chipped her nails had become. All this because she wanted a chance to make Serena look like a clown.

         Snarling, she turned her head in the opposite direction. “Hmph! I stand corrected. I guess you really would eat a shoe rather than taste something my mouth’s been on.”

         “Even though I pretty much made her do that too,” Ash added.

         “So, what are you going to make me do? Make it simple so I don’t have to look at you much longer.”

         Serena slapped Miette’s foot. “No, no, no, don’t talk to me like that. You do that, and I’m just gonna make your situation that much more terrifying.”

         There were a million things that Serena could have Miette do. But seeing as she was made to lick the girl’s feet in a park, along with eating her slimy insoles and a whole sock, this punishment needed to be intense. It had to be something that would not only satisfy Serena emotionally, but on a more risqué level.

         “I got an idea,” Ash said, beginning to whisper in Serena’s ear. The more she heard, the more her hands gravitated towards her crotch.

         “Mmm… I think we’ll have to elaborate on that plan. Teehee!”

         Swinging her hips from side to side, she walked up to a pouting Miette.

         “I ate your insoles, so how do you feel about eating both our sweaty asses?” She giggled. “Wait, why am I asking like you have a choice?”
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