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A man who was drowning in sin, until the light of Jesus Christ shined on him.
My story is a fascinating one, some of the things that happened in my life you won't believe, but it's all true.

When I turned 18 I have been tickling women for years. I call myself an expert, if you don't believe me go and talk to one of my victims they will tell you.
I remembered my first,

every female has a different master tickling spot, and when I find it, she's doomed. Some girls pretend not to be ticklish, but that makes me more determined to find her master tickling spot, and I always do. I call it the master tickling spot; it will render a women helpless so my fingers and feathers will explore her whole body. she is under my spell.with no fighting.

In my teenage years is when the story begins.

The way that women was laughing and squirming as she lay on the floor, her laughter was uncontrollable. and how she tried get away from my tickling fingers, but no matter how hard she fought she wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't letting her go, my mind raced like the Indianapolis 500. I want to tickle her; I have to tickle her. I leaned over and whispered in her ear; I'm not letting you go. We have so much more tickling to do, don't you think. I knelt next to her and continued tickle her on each of her sides, up and down each side, watching her dance to the tune of my fingers. Then it was time for her tummy. With fingers moving fast all around the tummy it was something she couldn't bear. She squirmed so much that her clothes loosened, just enough to fit my fast light fingers.

and all over her stomach. Using light feathery touches on her bare skin and light long strokes with a finger or many more.
I was mesmerized by her, all that beauty lying on the floor looking at me. With her big soft beautiful brown eyes. You can get lost in them, never wanting to leave this beauty, only going deeper into her ticklish. She had a look of desperation as to say please don't tickle me. no, please stop, please stop. I have nevr enjoyed
at me as I continue to tickle her. Now it was time for her feet. Being exhausted she couldn't put up much of a fight. So, I grabbed her legs pulling them up to my shoulders and now the tickling begins. I tickled her feet only giving her a small break every 20 minutes. My tickling fingers started to drift to her upper body, but I was having so much fun here.

If I had to guess her age she would be in her late 20's early 30's. She was a play full thing she loved to tease, and boy did she ever. I don't believe in perfect, except for Jesus Christ. But the way she moved it was close.
I remember she was always bending, showing off either her boobs or her ass. And the way she moved, it was just like the girls in a strip club. Avery nice ass with big boobs to boot.

I happened
I love to tickle woman. I have gone to great measures to have a defenseless girl trapped in my tickling clutches waiting for my brain to release an unbelievable level of euphoria, the feeling I cannot describe. I thought I was a psychopath no one knew what was growing inside me, this thing I would take it to the grave. I was 14 when I had my first tickling experience. It happened in the summer of 1971.There was an Asian or Mexican or she could have even been American India women, I didn't know, and I didn't because it didn't, but this didn't matter.

and who you going to tell? mother? and especially not your father. He would give me a kick in the ass so hard that if someone would ever ask me, would rather get a kick from the old brown shoe or the beatings at recess. I would take the beatings and it would be a better choice. The 1960's was a

hard era for the United States of America. With the assassination of Kennedy and with Martin Luther King. I used to think it was a conspiracy.
and don't forget about the first moon landing in July 1969, and that was fake too.

1) there was a white President assassination
2) A powerful black Civil Rights Leader. assassination Then we went to war with Cuba because of those dam communist Morons and that "bay of pigs" incident.
But the joke of the matter is that those piece of garbage Cubans were our ally 2 years before "bay of pigs". another joke on us is when those Comi - Idit's say goodbye to the good old USA, And now it's hello Russa.
Now back to my story. Just to let the person who's reading this book know that I have a mental condition that will make my mind wander off. Most of them to some place and time into those memories that I really don't want to go.
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