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The enemy attacked a court house, disabled the forces sent there to protect the trial.
         The troops were startled seeing the light blossom from the rail cars there/ The round that the private fired into the one which had

presently been used blew the seal on the door. It was like a submarine, when it was in motion, nothing could break the seal with out some

type of detonation in the car.

         The windows exploded sending shards of glass flying out of the car. These shards were un various shapes and sizes as they flew

through the air. The other troops raced for cover from the light which could expose them to enemy’s rounds of bullets and shells. The other

cars sat there, the light e xposed the passageway with its great light. The troops eyes stung from te volume of light that had blossomed

upon them. The troops fell to the ground for protection, the rail was three feet above the ground. It sat there, its bottom hunged the rail it was


         The troops looked up at the rails as they sat there. They could see with in the rail car. The benches looked as if no one was sitting

there, the two that were light up. The suddenness of the light coming on unnerved the troops.

         It exposed them to view. The car that they broke the door of exploded showering the area with glass and metal. The explosion

shook the rails where the cars sat.

         The troops saw that the rail’s doors of the other cars were a jar. What did the enemy expect, it looked as if the cars were

pressurised to blow if they were entered. The quiet hung like a fly in a spider’s web, The troops slowly walked toward the two other rail

cars. They did not know what the enemy was waiting for they should have attacked them as they approached.

         “Can you confirm what we are seeing here, have the rails been turned on outside of the car’s own systems?” a master sergeant

asked as he lifted himself from where he lay. He lowered his body to be at about the same height as a rail. There was no fire brought on to


         “Confirmed, the power came through an electrical charge that was given to the rail cars from outside of them.” the tech said as he

looked at the charge line that was carried through to the rail cars.

         “Be careful, there might be more traps set up for you to stumble into. This enemy plays for keeps?” the master sergeant said as he

credit upon the car he was closest to. The door was open by an inch, the seal wasn’t engaged on the door. He nudged the door, leapt to the

right collided with the rail’s rail of that exploded. Smoke clawed at the walls of the car, the walls were torn to pieces.

         “Can you check to see if there is any life here?” the master sergeant said.

         “Aside from you. There is no thermal heat here, there is movement that I am seeing. But these forms are about the size of rats and

mice. That’s all I am seeing there,” the tech said.

         “Their not here?” another voice said over the link.


         The car that exploded had sat there for an hour before the squad arrived, there was a suspicion that the enemy had left the car. The

squad slipped up to the car that had exploded, they found what appeared to be armour that the enemy wore.

They gently walked in, they were about to flee if they saw a movement inside the car. Smoke climbed eerily into the air, There were

pieces of the armor all over the interior of the car.

         The troops nearest the rail climbed into the car, Their hands gripped the bottom of the door’s seal, it was three inches wide, the

troops hand could barely make the purchase of the door. He had to struggle to lift himself over the door’s base. His head swam from the

amount of strength he had to exert to get inside the car.

         The pressurised car was blown wide open, The roof was no more, the frame was visible. It looked as if the frame was made up of

stakes climbing into the air. The stakes were jagged, it looked as if it could cut straight through their armor. The interior was black with

chard metal.

         There were what looked like the armour that the squad was wearing presently. The armour looked thicker than their own. The troop

crept up on the benches seats, he could see the shape of a soldier when putting on their own armour. The front half was torn to pieces.

The back was intact, he saw tubes and their coupling was visible the hoses rose up into the air. There were sixteen tubes on this armor.

The armour was twenty six inches deep, the back portion of the helmet was there. The being was seven feet tall if he was to look at the

armour’s size. The being was muscular in build. There were portions of their weapons form was there as well.

         The enemy gave the troops a portion of their armour here. The troop tried to lift the armour. It was as if it was fused to the bench.

Half of the armour hung off the bench. He struggled, but found he was unable to force the armour from where it rested.

         He felt something tug as he had lifted an arm from where it rested on the bench.

         The rail was suddenly bathed in a white light. The troops looking toward where this troop stood could not see him. Their vision was

gone for an instant. Vapours rose from where he was standing.


         The troops where the rail had left, were looking at the passage way, seeing the middle rail with no webs upon it, it was growing

colder now. The glint vanished from the rail.

         “We should have been aware of what was happening here before hand. If the car arrived there, we should have seen the rail move

from wherever it was sitting at before it arrived here.” Colonel said as he looked at the screen showing him what the troops were able to


         "Is there any indication that this had happened?” Corporal said as he looked at the computer feed, he saw nothing about this rail or

the track it used to get there, there was no indication of a rail being in motion at any time as far as he could see.

         “I think, the rail had been here long ago?” a Major said as he turned to question what the corporal said.

         “What do you mean long ago?” Colonel asked as he touched his chin with his hand.

         “Just what I said. This rail hasn’t been used in years. How did someone know where the trial was to be held years ago. It did not

make any sense. Did it?” colonel said in response.

         There are sixteen rails, that have not been in motion any time soon. These rails are at the various courthouses. They are waiting

there for something to happen?” the Corporal said.

         “Something like this?” colonel said as he faced the corporal

         “I suppose.” the major said.

         “Did you see anyone appear on the rail before our going there heading out of there?”

         “That was an old rai line, it was once was a terminal for the rail to go there. So someone could have used that rail to go out there.”

         It was evening l now. The streets were filled with people going this way and that in that area.

         “They don’t have satellite feed there, the satellite feed wasn’t there. They could scan, but we did not know where the rail had gone

so we did not have satellites watching over this area as regularly as they do over the courthouses or the business sector of the city.”

         “We can check the area, but we don’t know when they arrived here? Do we?”


         “Any idea where the felon has gone?” Jason said as he looked at the information that was supplied. He hadn’t seen any information

about the felon.

         "Why?” Jen said, as she looked at him.

         “Because his body wasn’t found there? At the court house I am afraid.” Jason said.

         "You mean they took the person we were going to try, they always pursued the witnesses before hand, but now they choose to take

the felon.” Jen said

         "They were afraid of what we were going to find out.” Jason said.

         “So, now we have to find the felon as well,” Jen said as she looked at the computer.

         "The rail has no one there. Alive.”

         “How do we tell the council this?”

         “I don’t have a clue!”

         “When it rains it pours. I will do it!"

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