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The ems squad is trying to figure out what had happened to the courthouse and the rail/
         Sargeant Monique looked at the corpsman who was trying to seal the wound on the CO’s shoulder. The arm was a mangled mess

of tissue and bone fragmented from the explosion. She peered into the eyes of the captain who arrived here as he tried to aid the medic in

his CO’s damages.

         The armor was damaged in a manner that he had never seen before. The biceps was reduced to a third of its size, there were

tubes that ran about the armor in such a fashion that it could not be properly put together again. Fluid ran and spilled loose from his body.

The scent made the corpsman's stomach hurl. Adjusted the dressing of the wound, he was not sure if he had done anything for the wound

was so large.

         A lieutenant arrived there, he lifted a sheet of plastic that showed the damage done at the trial he could not believe what he was

seeing. He put the CO in a transport board to carry the CO to the EMS vehicle. Several of them have taken a shot from the enemy's


         He was not sure if they would be safe. The fear held him tightly in its grasp. The Corpsman and the lieutenant hurried the body to

the vehicle.


         The troops had found that the enemy had been able to attack them with ease. The grace that they worked with was troubling. The

enemy after firing at the troops and firing at the EMS vehicles, their weapons cut through the armor of the vehicle with ease. The EMS

vehicles fired their cannons at the enemy, the enemy was able to evade their attack. They headed down the stairs inside the courthouse. It

did not make sense that they had done this. The enemy did not release their hands to their weapons.

         How had they appeared here, who knew where the trial was supposed to be, The enemy just appeared without rhythm or reason.

The armour looked like their own exactly like their own only better than theirs. They could not see the attackers face. The weapons were

more lethal than their own. The rifles cut through their armour like a hot knife through butter, they saw their own weapons bullets striking the

enemy, they were slowed for an instance. The way that they had acted was as if the enemy made the soldiers and troops feel their

weapons stopped them. Then the enemy rose to their feet and marshalled on to attack the troops and the security for the trial without a

moment’s hesitation.

         The squad headed over to where the enemy appeared. There was a chard black fine powder then finer than icing sugar. They

scraped some of it up and put it on a slide to see it in a magnified field. It was like soot. The armour was grey, the visors were down, they

were grey in colour. The armour was blast proof, and has a fire retardant property to it. The back pack looked larger than the ones that the

squad wore. The bazookas could cut through armour of the EMS vehicles, one of them had been hit by a shell.

         They marched down to where once upon a time, the rail would ride. The rails were or had been no longer working there. The rail line

was sealed up by concrete walls, and I beams that made it up. The stillness in the air awaited their arrival there. The passageway was

established by an explosion. The stone work was hanging by threads, tiny peices of stone dangled there. the stone work was three feet

thick. Jagged edges of stone were visible there, the hole was twenty feet across.

         They saw the lip of stone there where the rail would arrive there, it was a monorail that rode beneath the streets of the city. The rail

cars could move thirty miles an hour. The rail was with a light where the engineer would be seated at, it would expose the track for the

engineer to drive the rail. The light covered the track eight feet beyond the light. The engineers post was a glass cabin, the engineer would

be visible to the people outside the rail car in his whole frame. The car was with windows that exposed half of a body wanting to sit at the

seats of the cars. They carried sixy people when in use. The door way was with a pressure seal about the door, the door was ten feet wide.

         The squad raced down the strars, they found the hole where the rail was it. It was covered in debris, dirt and paper littered the

platform. They could barely see what was before them as they arrived there,

         The wall was trembling as they came there. The debris was lifted from where it had rested before hand was travelling a head of

them to where the rail used to stop going, there were five rails here, four of these started here or ended here depending how you were to

look at it.

          It was going southward away from the city.


         The squad walked into their headquarters. They were shaken from what they have seen and heard. The squad looked about as

they walked into the HQ heading toward the tables where they would disrobe. Taking off their helmets and body armor they dropped their

clothing on a table.

         Lieutenant Pros began to walk toward the door to the office where their major would be. He had Monique’s statement and what he

himself had witnessed there. The enemy could just as well have been concealed in invisibility armour. He doubted this. But knew what he

saw. His helmet lay on his hips as his hand held it there,"Sir, the security officer showed me, what she had seen by giving me this chip.:

Which he inserted into a computer, the computer showed the explosion that blew off the CO's arm. And when they appeared.

         What Jon showed him, when he was talking with Jon, he believed him, it did not make any sense. There was no one on the

stairway where thirty of them arrived.

         A corporal suggested, "That they were teleported here from somewhere? They must have teleported or else they were wearing

invisiblity armour which dampened the IR field as well.

         "Where was the source of this having happened to them? They did not know that this had happened there.How could they know

where the trial was held? It did not make sense, that they knew. How could they know?" the major said.

         "No one knew where it was being held. Yet they found it, it did not make any sense. How could they have been able to find the place

where the trial was." the corporal said.


         A cornel Hendricks looked at the screen, she looked around at the various places she said, “Where they could be teleported from.

Teleportation is a dangerous idea. If a stray molecule falls there it stops the teleported from being teleported. The body would become

damaged or a portions does not appear to be on them afterwards. When they would be teleported back to where they came from?”

         “These people don’t care if they come back. That is why they go there?" Warrent Officer Feilis sadi he had a machine for an eye

said as he reached for his cup of coffee.

         “Why would anyone be willing to do this, to a person?” Second Luietenent Jen said as she looked at the scientist. She was

speaking with.

         “Maybe they had no choice,” Fellis said as he put his hands on his hips.

         “What is the meaning of this? It seems as if the defendant is able to walk away from the charges pressed against him.” she said as

she looked into a microscope to see what the squad brought in for her to look at.

         She looked away from the scope, and said,”It’s scorched carbon. Their armour had to have the property to it or else they would

burn to death.” A smile crept across her face


         At the courthouse, the squad ran down the stairs to find the enemy had just taken a subway rail that should not have been running,

but was. How could this have happened? It made no sense. No sense at all. The trial, that should not have been identifed was. Someone

knew where it was supposed to be and was. Sent beings dressed in arrmour similar to their own appeared here? But how? They were able

to kill without question. They were dressed as they themselves were. Who were they?

         Jason asked, “Can you identify where this rail is travelling? Can you see if you could take some pictures of the people on this rail?”

         “I will try and give it a shot?” a corperal said in the computer bay of the task force watches for any evidence of the assassin who is

trying to stop the trial.

         “I cannot see where it has gone? They jumped the controlling manifold,” Jason said as he had his hands dance across the

keyboard. He looked up, “Lost it.”

         “What do you mean, you lost it?” his partner asked, as he looked down the subway track, that it should not have been used. He

turned on his flashlight to see if he could see the rail. He saw something glint from off of the rail, like something ahd resently been used on

this track. He smiled, "Its the third inside track they used."

         “Just what I said, Its gone?”

         “How can a train simply vanish?”

         “I don’t know, the only thing I know is its gone?”


         “I remember something, from those other files involving this gent. And his court case. Do you remember the facts about the other

witnesses in this case,” a tech said as he looked at the screen where his partner was.

         “Yeah, I do recall that there were other deaths of the witnesses where their was no bodies of the people who did this to therm?”

Jason said as he put his rifle up as in the position to present arms. Jason remembered seeing the photos of the bodies of those slain by the

gent’s friends.

         Some had been killed in compromising positions, others were killed in away that defied common sense. But there were never any

other people where they died. Ifit was done this way. It made sense.

         “Do you know anyone working on teleportation machines?” the tech asked as he walked over to pull the number for a case.

“I have a few friends working on theoretical physics for teleportation. They are nowhere near the way this person has
pulled this

off with this amount of ease.’ Jason said as he put his cup down on the desk.


         The lot of them were not wearing helmets at the courthouse, now. They looked about trying to make sense of this, none of it made

any sense. The enemy was dressed as they were, but their armaments were more lethal than their own. Where had tehy come from. They

remembered that the witnesses who were to attend this trial nerver made it there. They were killed. Their vehicles were blown up, but no

one saw who did it. Could it be one of their own who did this. Could be, but who?

         “Whoever did this knows their way around a quantum physics text book. Do you know of anyone looking into things like this?” the

tech said as he reached over to turn on his computer to look it up. “They would have to use a lot of energy to do this it their was it was



         The squad arrived at where the subway rail had gone. The squad walked into the rail They had come down the stairway to where

the rail car had gone. They had to walk about a mile to where the car was that they were wanting to see. The rail that was used made the

rail ties glow from use. The other rails unused were black from none use.

         Private Mil lowered his weapon as he stepped around the column that protected the used rail way cars that were no longer working.

He knew that they should be here? Where were they? Why hadn't they opened fire. It sure as hell was what I would do if I was them. They

know how deadly we were when pushed didn't they know this? They should? He moved with caution, sweat ran into his eyes. He knew

that they had better be silent to take these beings by surprise. He wanted to capture them. Not all but at least one of them,

         The cars sat there, spiderwebs covered the interiors of them, dirt and dust covered the exterior of the railss. Glass had been

broken as they approached the rail. The stillness made their skin crawl across their bodies, they felt a chill seep into their bones. They

looked about trying to see if there was anyone in the rails. The rails were sleek, It was shaped like a test tube, Smooth as silk is strong.

They saw a movement. One of the soldiers spun to bring his rifle to point at the being that moved, It was about a foot long not including the

tail of it. The rifle went off. The rat stopped moving.

         The scene was serene, it was motionless, nothing moved. The rail cars were shrouded in darkness, the troops feet stepped on the

earth beside the rail ties, The gloom made them nervous, they felt as though they were rats exploring an new region of the earth lain out ofr

them to be upon.This was an area that had the three other rail cars. The squad began to walk toward the vehicle, they were carrying a

heavier type of armament to try and stop these beings from doing this to them again. The four rail cars lay in the dark, this passageway

was deserted. Spiders webs ran about the area, they saw movement on the ground, they looked to be about a foot long with out hair on

their tails. The private almoist fried at the rats as they ran out from where they were hid.

         The rail in the middle looked as if it had been in motion. There were less cobwebs on it.

         The squad’s computer specialist said, “The rail company said this section is where they have stored the vehicles that were no

longer needed to be there.”

         "Who would no about this being abandoned?"

         "Only the people who have any common knowledge of this are people involved in systems redundancies. Would know this?"

         "Than that's where we will have to start looking?" smiled smugly to himself.

         The troops crept up on the vehicle, they were afraid of what they have seen already. They could not see any movement, their

hearing was unable to hear anything there, the only thing they could hear was the specialist working with them and their fellow troops.

They slipped in silence toward the car. Their vision was heightened thanks to the helmet on their heads.

         ” Cover the rails, they did not know what they were walking into.” Corporal MicMicheals said,

         The troops began to walk toward the rails, there was a sheen that was visible for one of the rails that they believed was used to go

there. It made sense, that this rail had been used recently. They saw no movement. Was the enemy there, they did not know. The troops

walked to the rail as they were about to enter the rail. The other two rail cars were activated, their lights had come on. The squad saw

movement there.

         The squad turned toward where the light had come from. They pointed their weapons at it.

         “What have we been sent into?” a private asked as his hand slipped from his weapon to fall at his side. The private fired a couple of

rounds at the vehicle. These rounds hit the door to the rail car. The rest of the squad whirled about to face the vehicles whose lights were

turned on. They raced away from the lit area. Crouching to avoid making a larger target of themselves,

         The door was driven into the car, the squad raced toward the cars that had came to life.

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