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A resolution to do better in the coming year.
Dear Self,

2023 was a year of change. Halfway through the year, for just one example, we moved back to Port Huron after spending a year and a half to two and a half years up at the house that used to belong to our parents. It took us moving away to realize that Port Huron is our home and this is where we will stay.

Still there are things that need to change. In 2024 I hope that we can learn more about ourself and our capabilities. Some people may not understand what we try to do but they are just going to have to deal.

We need to state who we definitely are and not waiver. For instance, we are a witch. We need to live this better every day. We will study the Sabbats and Esbats. We are going to draw runes every day and get back to using them on a regular basis. We are going to study the herbs and natural healing. We will buy books that will help us in our quest and record our findings. We will meditate every day. Most importantly, we are going to learn about and develop our psychic gifts. Research will be done. We have internet access and it is time we used it for more than the 10% of its value we have been.

We are a writer. We will write for 15 minutes a day and that will not include blogging or journaling. We will research genres and know what the earmarks of each one is. We will refresh our knowledge of grammar and poetry forms. We will further research how to write by reading lessons from prominent authors. We will read the classics and other writings by our favorite authors. We will do more thorough reviewing on Writing.com and use it to compare with our own writing. We will review one writer's item per month at the very least. We will work on our novels, writing at least one chapter per month.

I want us to study more on psychology and our health. I have been watching YouTube videos on things like Restless Leg Syndrome and Parkinson's Disease. I am trying not to diagnose ourself, but the evidence is there. We need to be more involved in our health and with our health care provider, and more proactive in getting our needs met. I know we need to manage our pain better and begin an exercise regime. We have a membership to the YMCA with our insurance and we really need to use it and find out what they have to offer.

I know this seems like a lot but really it isn't when you consider how much free time we really have. I am already berating us for doing this so late in the game. We usually give ourselves a grace period to starting our New Year's Resolutions to our birthday on January 22. It is past that now and we have not done even 8% of this yet. But we resolve to be more positive this year and less hard on ourself.

Let's make this a better year of growth and learning.

Blessed Be, my partner.

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