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A coach appears someone vanishes
         Night is falling.

         A noble woman is awaiting the arrival of a coach at the entrance way to tavern its window has written on it the Orge's mage. She was carrying an umbrella, with a coin purse on her arm. Her face was white. Her eyebrows were high and arched.

         Mist rose from the water beside the building. She rubbed her gloves hands together to warm them, The dampness in the air caused her hands to grow cold. She turned to face the coach, a hint of a smile appeared on her lips, she said, “Driver take me to Shundling house.”

          “Of course my lady.” the driver said as he climbed off the coach. He opened the coach’s door for the woman to gain access to the coach. She stepped inside the coach. She did not look into his face. He lifted his hat to the lady, as she entered the coach.

         There came a coach, its rider wore a cloak, his eyes looked as if they were a light. His hand held a riding crop. He slowed his coach.

         The coach began to ride toward the road.

         The coach vanished.

         The woman did not return.

         It was rumoured that the coach vanishes each night with a person in the coach. People did not know what the coachman desired to find. The only thing they knew was that one person vanished where the coach appeared.

         The people were afraid of what had happened each night. There was a rumour that the coach man made a deal with the devil. The deal had to be met so he would not appear there.
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