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the challenges of student when given a task.

Benny asked, “How long can it be?”

The teacher did not hear what he said. “It has to be at least 30 pages.”

In the morning talking to his fellow students in the cafeteria while they were playing rummy. Benny told his friends, “That he was going to challenge the teacher by writing a hundred page report.”

Brandy said,” Sure you will?”

Benny laughed and said, “You will see?”

Benny took home his assignment. He did what he set out to do.

“When they were doing a report on Russia.

Benny said,” I will write a report in Russian for the teacher?”

His friends said,”How do you expect to do this?”

“I will get an Russian and english dictionary write it that way,”

His friends were thinking, he was joking. However he wasn’t. Mid term he brought in his report.

Benny went home and went to work. He worked diligently at the assignment. When he completed the work. It was 200 hundred pages long. Benny did not understand what the teacher wanted him to present.

He thought it would be a lark to do this.

When the assignment was due, Benny walked into the classroom with his assignment. The teacher looked at the size of the work and said, “What is this?”

Benny smiled as he dropped the report on that table and replied, “I asked you how many pages it could be. But you did not give me an answer as to how many pages it was to give you.”

“What is the meaning of this?” he asked.

“Since, you have not given us an answer as to how long it could be a side from it being 30 pages.” Benny said and smiled as he looked into the teacher's eyes.

The teacher just stood there not believing what his eyes were seeing. Teachers feared my desire to challenge them.

Benny did this to his teachers. He did not understand what the teachers were trying to do.
Another student wrote her report in Japanese for a report on Japan. At the end of the year, he told me to look at his desk.

He gained his doctorate in languages thanks to Benny and the young girl.

Benny did not understand what they were asking us to do. The only problem was that his life has been difficult in doing this. When he was a child he did not want to learn to read, why should Benny’s dad read me the comics and the comic books he purchased for Benny. So, why did he need to learn to read?

They figured Benny was mentally handicapped, so they sent him to a city to be tested for his intelligence. They gave him a car to put together. He put it together. Turned it upside down and the pieces fell out. So he put it together. By hammering the pieces into it. He turned it over and nothing fell out.

The person with the disabled car took one look at it and said Benny had a 450 iq. The reason he said this was thanks to me, ramming the pieces together he had to pry the pieces apart. His father returned to the school with his results.

He I suppose as you can tell he did learn to read. His brother did the same thing. Dad thought if he was a genius so too would be his brother. However when he went to the place to have him tested the results showed that he was mentally handicapped.

His life has been a challenge. He wanted to be able to joke about everything. So, he usually challenged most people he met. He has been able to work at a few things, but now he is retired.

What you shouldn’t do is give him enough rope to hang himself with. If you are to give him an assignment, there should be a limit to how long it can be, as well as how short it can be.
He would look at something and do something completely different from what you are thinking he should do.
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