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Daily Flash Fiction challenge. What is a writer's reality?
         My mind is brimming with so many plans. The choosing of a name had to be my first skipping step and I chose Whisper. Shouts are not always acknowledged and they anger so many. A whisper has a grounded, resilient strength and it commands attention.
         At the moment I'm not entirely sure of Whisper's appearance. My imagination has not decided upon a suitable colour. Yes, I know green is my favourite shade, but perhaps Whisper herself likes a different hue. I do hope it's not pink. That's such a cliche, girly colour. Originating as a creature with an air element I suspect she'll appreciate a dazzling azure, or a stormy grey.
         Where will Whisper and I go? Is she the adventurous, spur-of-the-moment type? I anticipate flying everywhere with her. Travelling without a pesky passport appeals to me. I don't picture her with such a mundane document. We will not need stamps of approval.
         Of course I'm getting ahead of myself. Whisper is still an egg, but all eggs crack. I must keep her warm and nurture her development. I sit and wait with baited breath through the incubation period. Uncertainty unnerves me.
          I am presuming we'll be able to communicate. Surely, Whisper will speak English. I suppose I could learn sign language if necessary.
         Wait. Somebody is hissing in my ear and it's most annoying. They are insistent.
         "What are you doing? Aren't you caught up in a fantasy? You do realize that Whisper is a dragon egg don't you? She is not real."
         My comeback is swift. I am a writer .What kind of question is that?
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