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Big brother decorators extraordinaire.
         "I dunno, Mark. Did you ask Mom?"
         Mark stopped rolling up his sleeves to stare at his brother.
         "Don't give it a second thought, Chris. She did say we could help. Here, hold this for a sec."
         With a furrowed brow Chris grasped the bag thrust at him.
         "What's in here?"
         Mark's muffled reply never made it to his brother's straining ears. Cupboard doors banged open and the contents clanged and rattled. With a grunt he hoisted something heavy to the kitchen counter.
         "It's Gloria's birthday, right? We're just helping with the decoratin'. It aint everyday our baby sister turns five. Plug this in won'tcha?"
         "I sorta thought we'd be blowin' up balloons. Mom usually makes us wear those lame paper hats."
         Mark slapped his sibling on the back and grinned.
         "This'll be epic. Trust me. Gloria'll love it, you'll see."
         Chris didn't want to be a party-pooper and he had to admit his big brother always had great ideas. They didn't always get in trouble either. With a sigh his shoulders relaxed.
         "Okay, we're in business. Pass me that bag, eh?"
         Chris handed it over and opted not to comment as Mark poured the contents.
         "You get the honours," coaxed Mark. "Hit this button."
         On the inhale, Chris extended his finger and pushed. He heard the whirring. His brother whooped.
         "I told you it would work."
         The two decorators stood side by side blinking as rainbow-coloured glitter swirled in a cloud. Metallic confetti belched from the blender. The spinning blades of the ceiling fan re-animated each tiny flake.
         They both turned towards the sound of a gasp and a squeal. Gloria, wide-eyed, danced and clapped. Mom gaped open-mouthed.
         "Surprise? Happy Birthday!"
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