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What Marissa learned when speaking with the council and what Jules intended to send
         The man was not cooperative in any way. Sir Grey had to have him talk to them to tell them what he knew. They decided to put him

on that rack, it would separate his bones from his body.

         Sir Grey put the shackles on his arms and laid him down on the rack it would soon begin to do this to him. The person who was to

turn the screws would soon begin to do what he was supposed to do.

         The man looked into Sir Grey;s eyes as the screw turned, the mans eyes were wet with tears as tehy ran down his cheeks. Sir \

Grey asked,”Do you wish t talk?”

         The man glared at him, the screw went one revolution, The joint of the hip and shoulder bulged as they began to separate from the

body. There came a popping sound, The man screamed, “Yes. I will talk.”

         The shoulder popped, Blood rose from his shoulder to the surface of his skin, The man looked pale, blood ran from his shoulder to

spill onto the floor. The skin tore blood ran from his wounds.

         Sir Grey looked at him and he began to say, “It is good that you want to talk now. You know what I want? Why did you attack Queen


         “Well, there’s a bounty on her head. If she is slain, so I would collect. I did not realize that the queen you have with you is the true

queen. That is why I have chosen to attack this one,” he said as the blood ran from his body.

         “Didn’t it make some sense that she was protected by us that she mustn’t be the one we wanted to be attacked or slain.” Sir Grey

asked as he looked at him.

         “It did seem odd that you were there with her, when this bounty was projected from the treasury to paid to the one responsible for

her death or capture. I didn’t think to ask. However the other one had the protection of the guards as well.”

         ‘Who told you that this had to have been done today?”\

         “No one, it seemed like it was time to do this,” the man said as he fell faint.

         Sir Grey looked into his eyes and saw nothing there, just an icy coldness in them. Sir Grey winced as he turned to walk away from

the body on the rack.

         The torturer looked at Sir Grey, his head was resting on his chest as he walked away, tears spilled from his eyes. He clinched his

fists, he gnawed on his lips. He needed him to be alive. He was no longer alive.

         There had to be someone who could supply him with the answers he needed. But who? Where would he find him or her? He

needed answers not bodies. Answers to the inquiry had and his queen had need of.


         He left the torturer and his victim, he needed answers to his query he headed to where the watch was in the community. He hoped

they would have perhaps an answer to any of his questions. Knowing that they could ill afford to not know what they have been up to and

what were they doing since the king and queen were away from the kingdom.

         From what he was able to learn there were problems with the deals they had made within the other kingdoms, where there should

have been no difficulties with. Some people were slain with signs that it had been his very kingdom doing these things.

         It is not make any sense to him. He had not talked with the queen yet. What was happening here did not make any sense.


         Queen Marissa was pouring through the notes that other queen put in motion. She could not believe what she had done to the

kingdom. She tried to end their mutual dealings with the communities that they had actually needed to be done here. She could not believe

what she had done.

         The Queen looked at her council, she stormed into the chamber where the council was. She headed toward the council’s head as

he looked about, he looked confused seeing her coming toward him. She was biting her lower lip. She stopped moving when she arrived

there. She said,” What do you mean, by asking the treasurer to put up a bounty of Lady Mary Gilis. Who arranged for this to have


         We did not do this, it was arranged by the Jules Might and the woman who was acting as you,’ Council HInes said, the blood

drained from his face. He wore a jacket that was scarlet, a vest beneath it, his dress shirt was black. His hair was white at the temples,

brown across his head, his ears had a elven quality to them. His eyes were sky blue. He stepped back away from the her.

         She drove her index finger into his chest, he sat down into his chair. She asked, “Didn’t you think to question his actions as they

set this before you?”

         “I did, but the queen over ruled me with his also doing this we could not stop them. How could we?’ council Hines said as he lifted

her finger from his chest,

         “What about the embargo that was arranged a month ago. Stopping the dealings with the Crown MIndus.” she said as she spun to

look into the eyes of high council Carteat who looked startled at her, she knew he hadn’t like the worm as he described him as being

slithering up into her clutches.

         “It was not by my doings that this happened,” He said as he glared into her eyes, seeing no remorse there. He saw a blind hunger

that could not be stayed. “Jules Might forced this to be done to him.”

         “What was ha was to gain, upon doing this to him.”

         “I don't know, but he had been talking with Orca.”

         “What would he have anything to talk to them about, iit defies common sense, that he was to do this. Why would he have anything

to do with them?” Queen Marissa said. She felt a chill seep into her bones.

         “They were only interested in the murder of Crown Mindus and his people, why did you not advise the other members of the

alliance of this happening.”

         “Those dealings were within their private dealings with Orca. and himself.”

         “I realise this had happened.” Marissa said as she looked at the letter that was to have been sent when they arrived in the

community. She was upset seeing that this had happened. The letter she had read after Sir Grey had given her it when they were

discussing Jules Might and what he had been doing. Since they were away.

         The letter was cryptic, It said, Orca was wanting to gain access to the sea way of their kingdom to stop the minerals from arriving in

the communities that MIndus was trying to aid in their dealings with the people of Miratus. Miratuss needed these minerals to create better


         “Why would we do this on the behalf of the Orca. What were we to gain from doing this,”

         Marissa brought the contents of the letter to the council.

         There must be an explanation for it to have happened here, Queen Marissa envisioned a dragon swooping down taking in its

taloned feet the body of Orca as he walked in the woods the talons tore through his armor as easily as a spear would through bare flesh.

She saw blood run off the talon’s edge to fall upon the blades of grass and the leaves of the trees growing there, as the dragon rose into the

air with its huge bat like wings. Fire spilled from its maw.

         She collapsed upon seeing this. Orca did indeed control dragons, this could not possibly be what Jules was preparing to do this for

them. She blanched, her blood ran cold.The members of the council raced toward her, they looked concerned, the first member put her

hand on her forehead to see if she was with fever. That was not the case. She smiled with relief upon finding that this was not so. She

said,”What is wrong? Marissa.”

         “I saw the death of Orca as he was walking in the woods, a dragon has slain him.” the council Anna looked concerned with she had

said just now. Anna did not know, if this vision was to come true. She was afraid of what Marissa said.

         Lady Anna said,”Bring in Tarat, he will know what to do about this matter that Marissa has said she had just seen.”

         A guard appeared in the chamber, he drew wih him Tarat a woman who was able to send a massage to Orca’s kingdom, using

eagles. The woman was blind, but she knew her birds and which would fly where. Lady Anna transcribed a note to be sent to Orca’s

kingdom, the scribe wrote it down and put it upon the eagle that Tarat said, would fly there. The eagle flew into the air, its huge brown wings

spread as it rose into the air. The eagle flew in the direction of Orca.

         Lady Anna took Queen Marissa’s hand in hers. They sat for but an instance. The Queen needed to know every detail that Sir Jules

MIke and Oliva had been up to. What were they proposing to happen, where, and when it was to happen. Who were they in league with?


         Jules woke, he climbed out of bed walked over to the room where Oliva was waiting for him to appear. She said. "Come in."

         The door opened Jules walked toward her, he handed her a scroll, there was stamp and an inkwell, She opened the scroll to read

what was there. She laughed mischeviously as she looked at the parchment. "I like what you have proposed, do you think, that they will not

know what is happening to their kingdom.

         "We won;t know what will happen do we?" Jules replied as he watched her stamp the document with the royal seal. She smiled.

Jules smiled with her.

         This letter would cause the kingdom beside the kingdom which Marissa felt were their friends for life. To stop all dealings with their

kingdom in an anstance. The vital resources whichthe kingdom would need to carry on would not be availible to them. The coal would not

be availible to the kingdom.

         Winter would soon be upon them.

         Jules laughed as he found a person to give the scroll to. The courier took the scroll, he turned and proceeded to his horse to ride on.

The courier he knew would get the scroll to the kingdom shortly. They imagined what they would be doing once the letter arrived.

"We've been lied too
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