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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2314359
What Sir Grey realises has happened, there must be a reason for them to have done this,
Watch Commander Dera Finn
Member of the watch Tera ConIt
King's Guard Sir Grey Arm
commoner Bill tightus
Treasurer Philip House
Queen Marissa

         "Well, it seems we have been lied too. The bastard Jules Mile and Oliva have not gone into the water, they have not gotten onto a

ship to go there," Dera FInn said as he looked into the face of Sir Grey as he stood there looking at him. This was eight days after they

have been given the information that they had left by the means of ships on the coast line.

         "How can you not be sure of this happening?" Sir Grey said as he stepped toward Dera, his hands were taunt. He was glaring at


         "We have sent our messengers to the ships that were on the coast line, and we have received their answers, now. I am afraid what

they are doing here," Dera said as he stepped away from Sir Grey stepped to be within the grasping range of his hands for Dera's throat.

         Tera stepped into Sir Grey's path to stop him from reaching Dera, he could see the muscles being drawn taunt and Sir Grey's eyes

locking on Dera. Sir Grey tried to shove Tera from his feet so Sir Grey could grab the watch commander. His hand shot out to grab Finn

but Tera grabbed his wrist as he was falling to the ground. His body's weight on his arm drew Sir Grey's hand down to the floor.

         Dera stepped back from his hand that had flown toward his neck until Tera stopped his hand from arriving there.

         The captains sent back the information to confirm that they did not have these bodies. "

         "So where were they?" Sir Grey asked as he looked into the face of Dera as he stood there watching Tera climb back to his feet.

         "That's what we want to know." Dera said as he looked into face of Sir Grey.

         "We did not know, that we had been lied too. How could we? You were with us when we giot the iunformation before us," Sir Grey said.

         "How could we be duped into believing this having had happened to to them," Dera asked as he looked into the wide eyes of Sir Grey began struggle to be free from the member's hand. "I don't know, I thought we had been given the god's truth of what had happened to them,"

"I know what you thought it was as we did. Do you have any idea where he had gone," Sir Grey asked as she looked at his face. his face had look that said, he was worried. What did he do by telling Sir Grey. Where did they go? He did not know the answer to the question that was poised by him.


         Bill saw Queen Marissa he did not believe she wasn't the one responsible for killing the merchant and the emissary of Maleat. He

wanted her to pay for her actions, When he saw the queen walk toward the treasurer's building again. Began to walk in the same direction

as her. She turned to face this man as he came toward her. He grit his teeth and glared at her and said, "How dare you walk the streets.

You should be hung for your actions toward the commoners here."

         Bill reached out to grab her by the arm, her escort began to close the gap between him and her. Sir Grey was not with her at the


         The guards got to him, just before he had been able to grab her. He spun around as he saw the guards close the gap between

them. The nearest guard closed his hand on him

         Bill said,"What are you doing? Let go of me," He tried to lift his hand from the guard's grasp. Finding his hand was held as tightly as

lobster's claw on his prey. He wimpered.

         "I tell you she is responsible for this happening here,"

         The guard drove him onto his knees another guard grabbed him by his collar to arrest him.

         "What do you think the queen was trying to do?" Marissa asked as she just entered the establishment. In the dark room, Phillip

turned to face her, his skin was pale. the treasurer lifted his hand from the document he was working on to look at her. She looked a might

frightened by this happening to her.

         "I do not think I could know what they were doing? If what Sir Grey said was true, than they were trying to create a divide between

us and the other kingdoms nearby. There was letter that the kingdom of Maleat sent to us. Describing something that they claimed has

happened in our walls. That could not possibly be happening, someone killed the emissary of their kingdom on our soil. They have

evidence of the bounty that has brought against him from us. They sent us the document with the bounty put on it," the treasurer said as he

looked at the queen.

         "What do you mean, the emissary was killed in our kingdom. We would not do this." Queen Marissa said as she looked shocked

upon hearing this being said to her.

         "I know this and you know this but they do indeed have a warrant of bounty on his head." the treasurer said as he lifted the warrant

up from the letter he was reading to show her what they had received from Maleat.

         She looked at the picture of his face on the document. She knew the emissary he was loved by all here. Tears ran down her

cheeks, She bit her lip. She asked, "Who poised this warrant. Let me guess the Queen or the viceroy or his council to do this. Did no one

dare to speak against their doing this?"

         She glared at the treasurer who shrugged his shoulders as he looked at her, "They may not have seen what they have done to

Maleat's house by putting this warrant on their emissary to do this."

         "Do you know, what Maleat supplies us with? If they refuse to do this, We would be in trouble thanks to this happening?" Queen

Marissa said.

         "I know but what can we do to change their minds." Philip said.

         "Has this assassination happened already." Marissa said as she looked into his eyes.

         "I am afraid, so," Philip said as a tear ran from his right eye.


         Jules smiled as he was relaxing as he looked out the window to see the street, he knew, that they would have news tonight about

the attack on the emissary of Maleat. He knew, he had paid enough for this to happen there. Queen Marissa had arrived how good of her to

have come to her kingdom.

         Oliva climbed into the bath to relax as they were going to relax. She began to grab some soap toi wash Jules back. He smiled as

she did this.

          It felt good to be able to relax, Marissa and the King;s guard would have no knowledge of them being here. She could imagine

the kingdom falling to its knees without the coal to come into the kingdom to keep them warm come winter. They knew it would come it

was a certianty.

         What could they do to get the kingdom of Maleat to bring them their precious ore. It would be fun for this to happen to them, she

laughed as she had been able to do this to them.
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