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A tribute to my favorite pet.
Playing Peek A Boo

My favorite pet I ever had was a grey, brown and white rat I called Peek A Boo. I had a little blanket in his cage, and he would crawl under it with just his nose showing. I’d call out “Peek” and he would pop out and look around. I’d say, “There’s my Boo” and he would roll on his back and wiggle around like he was having a fit of giggles. He’d even squeak.

No one else could put their hands in Boo’s cage. He would nip. I could bring him out and would walk around with Boo on my shoulder as I did chores in my apartment.

Amongst other things, Boo was my familiar. Unlike my parakeets, Boo would be very quiet when I did a ritual and especially during meditation.

I loved Boo more than anything but when my mom got sick it was a choice between Boo and familial obligations. I gave him back to the pet shop.

I will never forget him playing Peek A Boo.

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